How to Win a Gift Crypto Box?

Sign Up to ICRYPEX Grab   Your Gift Crypto Box!

Your gift crypto box is waiting for you at ICRYPEX, complete the registration process and win your crypto box! 
Let’s take a look at what you need to do to win a gift crypto box;

  •  You can start your new membership process by coming to our ICRYPEX website or you can complete your
    process by downloading our mobile application.
  • Remember that you must complete your membership process with complete and accurate information.
  • Congratulations! You won your first gift crypto box! 

You have completed the membership process and grabbed your first box The privileges of being an ICRYPEX member do not end here.
To open the second crypto box, you need to make your KYC confirmation level 1. Once your credentials are confirmed, you’ve grabbed your second crypto box.

What Should You Do to Keep Earning Crypto Boxes? 

Invite your friends to ICRYPEX to continue winning gift crypto boxes!
You should share the referral code defined for your account with your friends.
You’ll get another crypto box for every friend who signs up using the referral code and confirms KYC 1.

If the users who are members with your reference code defined in your account perform the KYC 1 level approval, a gift crypto box will be defined for each of your references. (The reference holder has to make KYC 1 level approval. Otherwise, they will not be able to win the referral award. After KYC 1 approval, users who are previous members cannot earn the gift box.)

How can you share the referral code with your friends?

–    After logging in to the ICRYPEX app, click on the personal ” ACCOUNT” category in the menu at the top left.
–    In the drop-down menu  You can access the reference code in the “MY PERSONAL INFORMATION” section.
–    You can copy the referral code and share it with your friends.

Remember that in order to share the referral code with your friends, you must first have your account verified at KYC 1 level! 

Detailed information canbe found here 


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What Comes Out of My Crypto Box?


  • Gift crypto box balances are denominated in BTC, ETH, AVAX, SHIBA, DOGE
  • The balance amount varies between 15 TL and 15.000 TL.
  • The type and amount of balance are randomly determined in the boxes and defined to the account.

What are the Campaign Participation Conditions?


  • It is not possible for foreign nationals to participate in the campaign. 
  • It is not possible for users who have previously had an account with ICRYPEX but have closed their account for any reason to be counted as a reference member. 
  • In exchange for new membership and KYC level 1 approval, each user can only earn a gift crypto box once. 
  • Users who are already ICRYPEX customers will not be able to earn a gift crypto box for a new membership, but they can earn a gift crypto box in exchange for KYC level 1 confirmation and referrals. 
  • The campaign is limited to 100,000 members. If 100,000 members are reached before the campaign end date, the campaign will end. 
  • Users may not open an account with ICRYPEX with information belonging to other persons.
  • You can use the balances in the gift crypto boxes you earn as you wish. You can withdraw your gift crypto box balance for the first membership after 15 days from the date of membership. 
  • You can withdraw your gift balances earned outside the first membership at any time. The minimum withdrawal amount via bank is 10 TL. 
  • ICRYPEX; reserves the right to change the campaign dates specified herein, to suspend and terminate the campaigns without notice. 

You can find all campaign participation conditions