Phantom (FTM) is now listed on the ICRYPEX Crypto Money Exchange!

Phantom (FTM) is now listed on ICRYPEX. ICRYPEX has been continuously improving the platform and adding new cryptocurrencies since it met its users. This time, ICRYPEX brought Fantom together with cryptocurrency investors.
The Phantom (FTM) Token aims to meet the need for scalability, security and decentralization in the finance and cryptocurrency ecosystem with its blockchain protocol using the Proof of Stake algorithm. Phantom (FTM);  Thanks to decentralized finance solutions, it paves the way for organizations, enterprises and individuals to develop decentralized applications that can be used in a wide variety of sectors.

Phantom (FTM), which is experiencing constant price movement, was trading at 0.44 USD at the time of this news. Phantom (FTM), which has recently attracted all the attention, will be able to be traded on ICRYPEX using the ALGO/TRY and ALGO/USDT trading pairs.

ICRYPEX also announced last month that it was listing Tether. ICRYPEX also brings together cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin with its investors on its platform.

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