Why Bitcoin Should Be Considered a Good Investment Instrument

Gold has been used as money throughout history and has been kept in exchange for the cash used before the Bretton Woods Agreement was terminated. Afterwards, it has become the most reliable investment tool and the most preferred instrument. Today, with the development of technology,
digital coins
, namely
, have emerged. So why is bitcoin, which is interpreted as the gold of crypto coins, considered a good and reliable investment tool?
First of all, no investor wants to worry about security when investing in their hard work and savings. In physical investments such as gold and fiat money, dangers such as theft cases and extortion are unfortunately always possible. Bitcoin, on the other hand, does not carry a risk of theft or theft as long as it is stored thanks to the
technology it is created with and with additional security measures (private key, cold wallet, etc.). Considering that every transaction is recorded in blocks and it is impossible to play with these records, and you do not share your passwords with anyone, you know that your savings with bitcoin will always be safe.
On the other hand, many gold investors can suffer from buying gold because it is fake or the setting is low. However, it is not possible to produce and sell a counterfeit of bitcoin. In this respect, you also feel safe against fraud with bitcoin.
Another extremely important factor for us when investing is the return on that investment. A price change must occur for your investment to have a return. In other words, the high volatility of an investment instrument creates opportunities for its return to be higher. In this respect, Bitcoin offers higher return opportunities than other investment instruments, especially gold. It is possible to say that it is a very attractive investment tool for every investor who wants to evaluate it. At the same time, bitcoin, which is more and more present in the financial system day by day and thus attracts more investors, can be said to be a candidate to gain even more value in the future and to provide relatively much more return to its investors.
Another important feature of Bitcoin is that it is not connected to any center. It was seen how the financial system that existed after the 2008 crisis could melt people’s assets in an instant. Bitcoin, which emerged in the aftermath of this financial crisis, is not an investment tool that can be manipulated by an authority that will be adversely affected by the crisis and can be tampered with. The value of Bitcoin is formed completely transparently within the market conditions.
When we consider all these situations, Bitcoin is an extremely safe and good investment tool with its higher return and more secure with its blockchain technology.