What is Altcoin?

Altcoins are an alternative cryptocurrency
to Bitcoin
or called virtual currencies . Each altcoin operates according to its own rules. With the increase in interest in Bitcoin, the difficulties of the generated passwords have increased correspondingly, and this has led to the emergence of different bitcoin derivatives.  The altcoin, which is called the abbreviated form of the phrase “Alternative Coin”, refers to all other digital currencies produced after Bitcoin. Namecoin, which took place in the crypto world as the first altcoin, was introduced as digital money in 2011 and laid the foundation for the altcoins that came after it.

More than 2000 altcoins are traded on crypto money exchanges, and with this, new altcoins are constantly being released. On cryptocurrency exchanges, not all coins are available. When we look at the reason for this in the general framework; It is seen that the market volume of altcoins with different algorithm structure is not sufficient and does not exceed the required demand limit. The main reason for producing altcoins is the low level of difficulty. This issue is very important in mining. An altcoin with a difficulty of close to 1 can be produced much faster.

How Do Altcoins Work?

How Do Altcoins Work? Generally speaking, altcoins work very similarly to the original Bitcoin. Using a private key, you can send payments from your digital wallet to another user’s wallet. In a cryptocurrency like this, there is a
or ledger where transactions are recorded permanently and publicly, so exchanges cannot be changed or denied after the fact.  The blockchain is secured by mathematical proofs that confirm transactions in blocks.

How to Buy Altcoins?

A detailed research should be done before buying and selling altcoins. The potential of the altcoin to be invested should be well analyzed. The deals of altcoins, breaking news, the technologies and graphics of these coins need to be followed closely. In particular, it is said that the statements made on social media have an effect on the fall or rise of altcoin prices. Altcoins, which have made big deals and whose technology is thought to be in the future, come to the forefront. 

Altcoins are traded on coin exchanges with which they make deals.
Transactions can be carried out with Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, Basic Attention Token and BiLira altcoins through the crypto money exchange. The following steps should be followed to buy and sell the aforementioned altcoins:

  • First, complete the membership process

  • Then, by clicking on the ” Deposit” section, the TRY balance should be loaded from the bank account or via the Papara payment system. 

  •  After loading the TL balance into the wallet, the altcoin to be purchased is selected by entering the “Easy Buy-Sell ” page and selecting the ” Easy Buy” button.

  • After the amount is entered and the exchange rate price is selected, these altcoins can be bought by placing a purchase order. 

Altcoin and Bitcoin

Altcoins do not follow the same rules as Bitcoin. For example, Bitcoin will only issue or generate Bitcoin every 10 minutes, while an altcoin called Litecoin will produce one coin every 2.5 minutes. This allows Litecoin to process payments faster. Litecoin will also produce 84 million litecoins, while Bitcoin will only produce 21 million Bitcoins. 

Litecoin also uses a different set of rules for mining than Bitcoin. Bitcoins require costly hardware to mine, while litecoins can be mined with common computer hardware.

Litecoin is just one of thousands of altcoins on the market. Some altcoins stand out as popular alternatives to Bitcoin, even though they do not reach Bitcoin’s market capitalization of $ 100 billion. 


What Are Altcoins?

•    Ethereum
•    Ripple
•    Litecoin
•    Stellar Lumens
•    Basic Attention Token
•    BiLira

The ones listed above are just a few of the altcoins. There are many altcoins in the cryptocurrency world. 

Advantages of Altcoins

  •  Ameliorates Bitcoin’s flaws: Altcoins are usually designed to address a perceived deficiency regarding the Bitcoin framework, whether it’s speed, mining cost, or some other factor.

  • Provides competition: By changing the rules by which Bitcoin operates, altcoin creators make room for new competitors to the Bitcoin system.

  • Low transaction fees: One of the advantages of using altcoins as a payment method in addition to secure blockchain technology is the relatively low transaction fees for each transaction.


  • Altcoins are alternatives to Bitcoin.

  • Altcoins are a digital currency or cryptocurrency, each with its own rules.

  • Altcoins are very new and their prices can be very volatile.

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