Institutional Interest in Ethereum

The growth and interest in Ethereum makes it clear that the debate about cryptocurrencies can no longer be limited to Bitcoin. Especially recently, we clearly see that institutional purchases have increased in Ethereum.
In our article, we tried to explain where the institutional interest in Ethereum originated and how it will continue.

Ethereum is a crypto money that is highly talked about with its network fees, investments, rapid price changes and developments, and even recently received more investments than Bitcoin. Although these developments affect Ethereum negatively from time to time, positive developments continue. For example, institutional investments in the ethereum side are increasing. The most notable of these investments is Grayscale’s funding of Ethereum. 

According to the statement made by Grayscale, 105,000 ETH was purchased, representing $ 62,975,646. Shares of ETH trust, which is the only way to invest in a stock for ETH in America, also had an impact on its price. The price of these shares is further increased by investments made by institutional investors. Of course, we can say that these have positive effects on Ethereum. In addition, according to the studies of researcher Adam Cochran and his team, 10 percent of the wallets that host the most ethereum are related to large companies such as JPMorgan, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and Walmart. Although it is not known whether these accumulated Ethereum are institutionally linked to companies, it is not difficult to guess that these companies have a significant amount of ETH, considering that the wallets examined are among the top 10,000 wallets. In addition, investments in the two funds established specifically for Ethereum, announced by Galaxy Digital at the end of January, are increasing, institutional investors are entering these funds. These funds reveal that institutional investors provide inflows into funds even if they are willing to pay more. 

The fact that Ethereum is the most active network has caused it to be preferred more recently than Bitcoin, which has long been a good choice for investment. Since expectations are likely to be shaped by all these investments and developments, Ethereum will be seen as a profitable investment for both institutional and individual investors in the future. Ethereum, which has made improvements to solve problems such as the staking problem it is experiencing, the increase in network fees, and the slowness of other crypto coins that increase the developments with it, is inevitable to increase in value as it reduces the effects of these problems. Since the increase in its value will attract institutional investors even more, it will be inevitable for individual investors to buy Ethereum.

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