The Use of Crypto Money in Turkey is Increasing Gradually

Since the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies and especially
in Turkey, research in this area is also increasing and striking results are obtained. 

The digitalization process of the world, especially during the pandemic period, continues to come to the forefront. With technological developments, there has been an increase in the use of new generation contactless payment tools. With the effect of the pandemic process in Turkey, the interest in these payment instruments seems to have increased considerably. With the transformation of the financial world, new generation payment tools such as crypto coins have become even more important in terms of convenience and speed.

In Married Couples, Women Are More Interested in Bitcoin Than Men

In various researches conducted on the basis of Turkey, the opinions of the participants about crypto money payments and the use of these currencies in commercial transactions were evaluated. According to the statistics obtained, it was observed that women were more interested in Bitcoin in married couples. In addition, it was seen that the Z generation increased the demand for Bitcoin.

According to city-specific statistics in Turkey, the cities that showed the most interest in Bitcoin were Adana and Diyarbakır. According to the data, trust in Bitcoin increased by 23 percent, while the satisfaction rate also increased by 58.5 percent. It was seen that Bitcoin ranked second in investment vehicles. When the trend data evaluating the rates of Bitcoin searches made in Turkey in the last year are examined, it is seen that the interest of internet users in Turkey in Bitcoin is up and down, and the interest has been increasing in recent years. Especially the great selling pressure experienced in March due to the outbreak was reflected in the interest shown in Bitcoin and the rise in Bitcoin searches occurred. Another important event is among the data obtained that interest has increased in the process of Bitcoin block reward halving and has finally risen as of June. On the other hand, there has been a two-fold increase in the use of crypto money in online shopping channels.

With the increasing use of crypto money in Turkey, it is assumed that there is a large audience waiting to meet this system, and that the number of people using these cryptocurrencies will increase as they meet the technology of crypto money in Turkey, which has a young and technology-prone population.


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