What is Ampleforth Governance Token (FORTH)?

What is ampleforth governance token?

In the cryptocurrency world, volatility, or fluctuation as it is also known, refers to sudden changes in prices, and this concept occurs quite frequently in the cryptocurrency world. To protect themselves from these sudden changes in prices, investors get support from stablecoins that are indexed to the price of fiat currencies. In this content, we will talk about Ampleforth, which produces a stablecoin under its own name, uses unconventional methods to keep this stablecoin stable, and is considered a software project in this context. Since it is directly related to this project and is the main subject of our article, “What is Forth coin?” We will answer the question. Let’s take a closer look at this project that adds a new taste to the stablecoin world.

What is the Ampleforth Project?

What is ampleforth?

The Ampleforth project was developed to create a cryptocurrency under the name AMPL in order to ensure price stability and increase liquidity . So Ampleforth, which is actually a US dollar-pegged stablecoin project, runs on Ethereum. It also serves as a software as it uses a special method to manage the supply and demand of a cryptocurrency called AMPL. With this feature, it can be said that it brings a new breath to the stablecoin world.

The balance between AMPL coin and USD is not realized through user deposits and transactions. The balance here is established through the supply adjustment provided by the platform. The protocol analyzes rate fluctuations between AMPL and USD every day. If this ratio is already fixed at 1:1, no procurement will occur. In cases where AMPL exceeds USD, new supply is printed so that AMPL becomes equal to USD. If AMPL loses value against the USD, some of the supply is burned to maintain parity.

With this unusual feature, Ampleforth focuses on solving the following two problems:

Elasticity: Fixed-supply cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to sudden demand shocks, making currency transactions difficult.

Diversification: Cryptocurrencies often move together and price changes can often follow Bitcoin. Thanks to this operating model, AMPL can act independently of Bitcoin’s price pattern. This may be an opportunity for investors to make their portfolio more balanced.

After explaining what the Ampleforth project is, we can start talking about FORTH coin, which has an important place in the functioning of this protocol and is the main subject of our article.

What is FORTH Coin?

What is Forth coin?

The first thing to know about FORTH coin is that it is actually a token, not a coin. Because it was developed on Ethereum rather than a dedicated blockchain. Ampleforth Governance Token (FORTH) exists as the governance token of the Ampleforth protocol. “What is the Ampleforth Project?” Although it is used in the same protocol as the AMPL token mentioned under the title, the purpose of the FORTH token is different. While AMPL operates as a stablecoin, FORTH acts as the governance mechanism that oversees the future of AMPL .

The FORTH token is used to help the Ampleforth community determine and govern the future of the protocol. This gives token holders the power to vote to develop, change or improve the protocol. In this way, Ampleforth Governance Token contributes to the development of the Ampleforth protocol based on a democratic governance model. FORTH maximum supply is limited to 15,297,897 units, and the same figure is valid for the total supply quantity.

FORTH Token Features

FORTH token has certain features and these features are as follows:

  • FORTH token has a protocol-mandated maximum annual inflation of 2%.
  • FORTH token emissions are controlled by DAO.
  • Each year, FORTH token holders can vote to mint or skip the production process of a certain amount of tokens.
  • Proceeds from FORTH minting can be used at the discretion of the DAO

How Does Ampleforth Governance Token (FORTH) Work?

How does forth work?

The Ampleforth protocol is governed by token holders through a series of sequential steps, each representing increasing consensus from the community. Proposals and ideas pop up in channels like Discord or on Ampleforth’s publicly accessible forum. These proposals and ideas are finalized when implemented on-chain.

This process takes place by following the following steps:

Idea generation: Community members evaluate the growth of the platform. Changes or ideas are suggested on various platforms such as the Discord management channel, forum, social media and similar platforms.

Governance Proposal: Once an idea has garnered sufficient support, it is outlined and formalized into a proposal.

Discussion: Each of the suggestions created has discussion forums. In these forums, existing problems are solved and relevant details are reinforced. Token holders share their views on possible outcomes and discuss potential outcomes in these forums.

Technical Development: Once the proposal is approved, changes are implemented in the code. It is then tested on the test network and security audits before the final launch.

Binding Voting and Distribution: This stage occurs when token holders vote directly or delegate voting authority to another address. Once approval is received as a result of the vote, the code is successfully implemented without intermediaries. This process involves token holders making the final decision on whether to implement a particular proposal and does not require the involvement of intermediaries.

Who owns FORTH Coin?

Who owns Forth coin?

Ampleforth Governance Token (FORTH) was launched in 2018 by Brandon Iles and Evan Kuo , two blockchain technology experts.

Brandon Iles graduated from college with a degree in computer science. Looking at his past experiences, it can be seen that he worked as a software engineer in many different companies. In fact, the last two companies he was in before founding Amplefort are known as Uber and Google.

Evan Kuo graduated from university in mechatronics, robotics and automation engineering. Kuo started his career as a product manager at Yahoo. After working as the chief product manager at an advertising company called Sharethrought, he continued his career by starting his own ventures. Finally, Kuo, who became a founding partner in the Ampleforth project, also continues to work in the CEO position.

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