What is Stepn (GMT)? What Is It For? How Does it Work?

What is gmt coin?

What would you think if we told you that the steps taken could turn into income ? This is made possible thanks to STEPN, a Web3 application that combines Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements and encourages people to take more steps. GMT coin , on the other hand, provides many opportunities to users in the STEPN application, where NFTs can almost be considered the leading actor. In this article, where we will explain all its features with the question “What is GMT coin?”, we will also share information about the STEPN application.

In order to better understand the information we will provide about Green Metaverse Token, let’s first take a look at the details of the STEPN application.

What is STEPN Project?

What is stepn project?

STEPN describes itself as ‘a lifestyle app that integrates with Web3 technology’. Combining gaming and social elements, STEPN ensures that walking or running not only gives people a benefit in health, but is also rewarding in the digital world.

Users can earn tokens and NFTs by walking and running outside with the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) shoes they will purchase in this application. This innovative approach offered by STEPN not only encourages its users to engage in physical activity, but also offers them the opportunity to use their tokens and NFTs in-game or convert them into other types of tokens.

With its strategy built on gamification, STEPN invites people around the world to adopt a healthier lifestyle and contribute to the fight against climate change. Additionally, STEPN’s initiative encourages people to seamlessly integrate into Web 3.0.

How Does Stepn Work?

How does Stepn work?

Assuming that you have a shoe in the STEPN application, it is sufficient to open the STEPN application before you start walking or running. GPS is used to track user movements. In other words, exercises performed on treadmills or similar sports equipment will not bring rewards to users. It is worth remembering that the application has numerous anti-cheat mechanisms.

Before you start moving, it is necessary to choose a suitable sports shoe according to the planned activity. The important thing here is to decide at what pace to walk or run. If the shoe to be chosen does not match the performance, this means that the award cannot be won.

Users are rewarded with GST within the active time period. In fact, this award is “ What is Stepn coin? ” is the clearest answer that can be given to the question. The factor that determines the reward winning time here is the amount of energy the users have in the game. The amount of energy depends on how many and what type of shoes you have. Factors such as quality and rarity among shoes have an impact on the energy to be had.

After giving a general perspective on what STEPN is, “What is GMT coin?” You can go into details about the digital asset that can be considered fundamental for this project.

What is GMT Coin? What is Stepn GMT used for?

What is stepn gmt used for?

Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is one of the basic building blocks of the STEPN application and gives STEPN users the right to exist within the application. Thanks to GMT coin, users in the STEPN application;

  • You can buy shoes,
  • May have more special shoes compared to standard shoes,
  • You can upgrade the features of purchased shoes,
  • Features of shoes can be reshaped,
  • You can earn achievement points,
  • You can increase the daily GST limit using GMT,
  • They can increase the success rate of gem upgrade, the chance of getting a higher quality shoe from the shoe box, the chance of getting two shoes during shoe printing.

Although GMT coin seems to be identified with STEPN, it is also used effectively within the ecosystem built by Find Satoshi Lab , the creator of STEPN.

“What is GMT coin?” In addition to the STEPN application, this cryptocurrency is also available in MOOAR, an NFT marketplace within the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem, Gas Hero, a Web 3 strategy game, and DOOAR, a multi-chain decentralized exchange that facilitates liquidity and transactions in the FSL ecosystem. It is also seen that it is used. Green Metaverse Token, which has a supply of 6 billion tokens, specifically; It is used for purposes such as burning, redeeming and staking to unlock various functions and advantages within the FSL ecosystem.

To Whom Does Green Metaverse Token (GMT) Belong?

Who does green metaverse token belong to?

GMT coin, also known as Green Metaverse Token, was created by Find Satoshi Lab in 2021. There are two names behind Find Satoshi Lab : Jerry Huang and Yawn Rong .

Jerry Huan is credited with the achievement of ‘being among the most downloaded games in the iOS app store’ with his ten years of experience in game development, operations and marketing. Yawn Rong is an entrepreneur, crypto angel investor, and known for his experience scaling small startups into national brands.

As we mentioned in our previous title, the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem includes STEPN, DOAR, MOOAR and Gas Hero. This formation, which we can call FSL for short, is a Web 3 product development studio. He emphasizes that ‘they believe in the importance of creating a series of fun Web 3 products that are close to people’s lives’. Their goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to Web3.

Where to Buy Stepn (GMT)?

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly gaining popularity around the world and investors are turning to these digital assets to diversify their portfolios. The STEPN application has made a name for itself around the world by offering people the opportunity to earn money from the steps they take. This development brings with it the question “Where to buy GMT?” raised the question.

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