Why Invest in Bitcoin?

COVID-19, which made the place of 2020 in history unforgettable, and the financial crises experienced globally affected the whole world. Given the trajectory of the last six months, this is expected to have a lasting impact on nearly all economies around the world over the next few years. The COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding many markets have also highlighted how fragile our traditional financial systems are. The decline in the use of cash and the fact that it is more intertwined with digital life, proving the maturity of the
crypto currency

, which is an alternative to gold, has enabled it to be positioned as an important store of value . In this global crisis period, the fact that individuals are forced to innovate has paved the way for rapid progress in the digital field. Thus, it has been observed that there is an increasing interest in traditional financial corridors to take advantage of bitcoin in the current period .

Bitcoin is hardly related to current financial markets, especially stocks. In summary, in the case of sudden price movements in the financial markets, bitcoin may show a different course. According to Modern Portfolio Theory, it is possible for assets to move differently from each other, and bitcoin, which is now quite effectively among the investment instruments accepted as safe havens, has proven its independence in this respect. That being the case, adding bitcoin to an investment portfolio is considered to be an extremely important move for today,  taking into account traditionally designed investment vehicles and personal risk tolerances.

Since the advantages of Bitcoin have become extremely evident during this period, it is also likely to attract more  institutional investors. The fact that many well-known people and investors are turning to
investment also highlights the positive advantage of the cryptocurrency in terms of inflation.

Cryptocurrencies that can be easily transacted provide confidence to all humanity without distinction. In particular, bitcoin, compared to other investment vehicles or fiat money,  is expanding its sphere of influence by showing a more attractive and logical adoption every day. With the rapid progress of digitalization, it is possible to say that it is time to take steps not to fall behind this trend.

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