Why Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Why Invest in Cryptocurrency?

In today’s article, we will share with you the guiding details about
crypto money
investment that has entered our lives with the developing technology. Although many things are denied by people today, we are faced with a truth that is taken for granted by everyone. This fact is that the technology that has existed since the beginning of humanity and that is multiplying every day is our future. Today, technology developing at the speed of blinking an eye has actually changed many of our habits without realizing it. So, what reasons encourage you to invest in crypto coins that have entered our lives with developing technology? Before investing in cryptocurrencies, you need to know what cryptocurrency is. In this regard, we will first talk about what crypto money is that makes you feel really free and powerful.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is an internet-based medium of exchange that uses cryptographic functions to process financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies take advantage of blockchain technology to gain decentralization, transparency, and immutability. The first cryptocurrency ever created
is Bitcoin

So Why Should Crypto Money Investment Be Made?

Unlike classical banks, people can transfer money quickly and cost-effectively without being tied to any central system, and no one can put bureaucratic barriers to whom or for what purpose you are sending them. When making a bank transfer, the bank first wants to keep the money in your hand and may need various investigations if the amount is large. However, in crypto coins, you can complete the sending process with a single address that the other party will give you in seconds without going through any center, and the cost will be extremely low. Investing in the Future The second topic I will address will be inflation. With the Bretten Wood agreement of 1944, it was decided that the money of all countries would be printed in exchange for dollars, while the dollar would be printed for $ 35 an ounce of gold. However, the agreement was canceled when the US printed more dollars than the gold in its hands; The United States, which had gold in its hands, decided to print the dollar without the equivalent of gold. Since then, countries have continued to print their money without any compensation, which causes people’s purchasing power to decrease a little more every day. Based on 2015, the US hourly wage was $ 7.25, while the monthly minimum wage of a US citizen working 40 hours a week was equivalent to $ 1120 In 2015, one Bitcoin averaged $ 272.36, while today the US hourly minimum wage is unchanged, one Bitcoin is trading at $ 11,400 today. Simple Investment Thirdly, the issue I will mention is that, unlike immovable investments, it is an investment tool that can be easily moved, not only where you can evaluate it where you are, but also anywhere in the world where there is internet. When you consider an apartment as an investment tool and decide to sell it, the time it will take to sell it, unlike situations such as selling at a price lower than the value you will endure, crypto coins are an investment tool that can be easily transported, you can trade 24/7 wherever you go in the world and have the same value wherever you are. The cash used day by day has been replaced by money that does not actually exist but is reflected as a balance in the accounts. While only 3% of the money used today is actually in transformation, in the event of a crisis situation, crypto money investors who have a certain amount of supply and hold crypto money in their hands will not be affected by such a crisis.

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How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

As cryptocurrencies increase in popularity, they continue to attract new investors. We have prepared a crypto money buying guide consisting of 4 steps for investors who have not traded crypto money before and say “How to buy crypto money”.

1.Ad: Create Your Icrypex Membership

In order to receive cryptocurrency through Icrypex, you must first create a new membership on our icrypex.com website. You will make your crypto money investments with Icrypex securely using the account that will be opened in your name with this membership. After logging in to www.icrypex.com and clicking on the “Create new membership” button, create your membership after filling in your information on the page that appears.

My 2.Ad: Member Login and Account Confirmation

After logging in to your membership with your e-mail address and your own password, you must provide identity confirmation for your account. To do this, you must register the front and back of your ID and your photo with the petition in the relevant fields from the Profile page. Once your account is approved, your membership process will be completed and you can start trading.

3.Ad m: Deposit Process

Once you’ve created your membership, you can start investing. For people who will invest in crypto money for the first time, the first investment process can be carried out by transferring money through the bank account. After creating a deposit request from our contracted Ziraat Bank, Vakıfbank, Akbank or Odeabank accounts to the account you have chosen, you must transfer the amount you want to invest from your own bank account to the IBAN number of Icrypex Bilişim A.Ş. that appears during the request process.

4.Ad im: Cryptocurrency Buying Process

Now you’re ready to buy the cryptocurrency you want! From this moment on, all you need to do is enter orders for the buy transaction. Depending on your wishes, you can buy at the instant market price or you can enter an order to buy at a price you specify. Click the “Limit” section to trade at the price you specify; You can use the “Market” section to trade at the instant price. For example, you wanted to buy 100 TL immediately from the instant price. Then we can execute transactions with market orders. After typing 100 in the “QUANTITY TRY” section, you will complete the purchase of crypto money by clicking on the “BUY” button. We wish you pleasant investments!

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