90% of Ethereum Buyers on Profit

Ethereum is a decentralized system that cannot be controlled by individuals or institutions. In other words, it is an open-source software platform that enables users to create and develop decentralized and provide an open blockchain-based smart contract protocol to all persons. Unlike central systems, in a decentralized network, all data is collected not at one point, but on people's computers in various parts of the world. So the failure of a computer not being a problem thanks to the network.

The abbreviation of Ethereum is "ETH", the currency is "Ether", and the smallest unit of Ether is "wei". In the short term investments in Ethereum can be profited by trading. Some Ethereum investors prefer to make long-term investments.

Long-term investors are called Hodlers in the cryptocurrency world. When the latest data are examined, it is seen that at least 72% of the investors who make Ethereum hodl are in profit. The sale price of Ethereums at these addresses is below $ 320. When the data evaluated, approximately 32 million address owners purchased their Ethereum below current prices. DeFi studies and Ethereum 2.0 updates explain the increase in Ethereum prices.

When the last few months’ the miner income is analyzed, it is observed that these revenues are in an upward trend due to the effect of the intensity of DeFi platforms. Ethereum-based digital assets have an annual earning average of 130%, and research shows that Ethereum-based assets are the most profitable digital assets in 2020.

It is known that the market value of 178 Ethereum-based assets, which make up 20% of the total crypto capital, is 63.7 billion dollars. One-third of Ethereum-centric markets have more than doubled in value as of January, and Ether is the 41st strongest performing asset, with a gain of 142%. In light of the analysis, it was seen that 124 of the Ethereum-based assets increased their value this year, despite the deterioration caused by the global epidemic in the world economies. Also, it is another remarkable data that 10 Ethereum-based tokens have gained 500% value.


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