ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange Begins Listing Algorand (ALGO)!

ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange lists Algorand (ALGO) and brings together Turkish cryptocurrency investors with another project that can change the future of finance and cryptocurrencies.
Algorand (ALGO) aims to meet the scalability, security, and decentralization requirements in the finance and cryptocurrency ecosystem by using the blockchain protocol utilizing the pure Proof of Stake algorithm.
Algorand (ALGO) aims to enable billions of users to access smart contracts and decentralized finance solutions and make millions of transactions on the network every day. The Algorand blockchain has a proprietary protocol created by a renowned team of cryptographers, engineers, and mathematicians led by Turing award-winner Silvio Micali.
More than 500 technology companies develop decentralized finance applications on the Algorand network, where about 500,000 transactions are processed every day. Taking firm steps towards becoming a platform improving each passing day, Algorand also attracts the attention of users with the fluctuations in its price.

ALGO, which is the local cryptocurrency of the Algorand network, is listed on the Icrypex Cryptocurrency Exchange, and it has already attracted the attention of Turkish cryptocurrency investors. ALGO, which is used to promote network participation and power operations in the Algorand platform where future financial technologies can be developed, will be open to trading through ICRYPEX.
ALGO, which can be traded on Icrypex by ALGO/TRY and ALGO/USDT trading pairs, draws attention by providing profit over 100% to its investors in 2020.

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