5 Reasons to Buy Cryptocurrency

5 more reasons to embrace crypto coins in the journey to the center of digitalization every day;

1.A New Asset Class

Far from the known, virtual but real! From past to present, the definition of existence has always been based on concrete values, but now we are in a completely different dimension. We transfer everything tangible to digital and provide new conveniences to both its storeability and functionality. We are adding  a new one to the known ones (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.). Attracting institutional investment is the new direction that the cryptocurrency world believes in. Currently, the money that is in the market through institutional investment in stocks, bonds and other financial instruments has a great power, which is planned to increase the value of the market in terms of the size of these investments to attract to the crypto money market. In addition, when considered on the basis of companies, Bitcoin is also becoming more attractive in protecting its treasuries against inflation.

2.Not Subject to the Same Inflation and Devaluation as Fiat Money

The depreciation of the fiat currency, which has been used by the whole world for many years, is a big and global problem. When you wake up in the morning, the fact that your purchasing power with the same fiat money is decreasing compared to the previous day directs individuals to a platform away from risk and loss of value. The halving in Bitcoin is of great importance at this stage. For example, one of the important effects of the halving is that Bitcoin will reduce consumer price inflation, and let’s not forget that inflation rates are very variable and set at an annual level. However, BTC’s inflation rate will remain unchanged for 4 years.

3.A Great Store of Value

To this day, especially in the long term, gold crypto coins, which have gained every shape in the long term, have been replaced by crypto coins with the positive increase in their values in a short time and providing high returns to their owners. Although it is a universal currency that does not have control by any government or organization, it is not subject to the same inflation as limited supply and fiat money that increases value, and value storage makes it the main reason for preference.

4.Not confiscatable

Today, in many countries around the world, your fiat money can be blocked by the bank and confiscated by the management with little or no warning. But cryptocurrency is different. It is not controlled by a central bank or administration. This means that if you hold your bitcoin wallet key, it cannot be controlled by people or institutions other than you. You have the biggest and only say over your money.

5.You will most likely appreciate its value

Although the sudden dramatic increases and decreases in the recent past have made individuals think that bitcoin is an asset that cannot be trusted, the value gain from the first day to today is too real to be denied. Likewise, owned bitcoin is more likely to add value to its value in the long term than any other asset class in the last 10 years.