Altcoins of the Future

In our article, we will share the altcoins other than Bitcoin that will shape the future. In addition, as the flagship of the crypto money market, Bitcoin is recognized by everyone today. Ethereum, as a crypto money that attracts more attention from financial circles with the opening of futures in CME, has gained an important place to bring the crypto money market to the product variety of traditional finance with the DeFi protocols established on smart contracts. With these features, Bitcoin and Ethereum attract the attention of many institutional investors.

So, which altcoins are candidates to shape the future in the crypto money market?


Chainlink, as a token running on the Ethereum network, has managed to become one of the favorites of crypto money investors. With its structure that enables the integration of systems other than the blockchain into the blockchain system, LINK is ranked 9th among all crypto coins with a market capitalization of over $ 11 billion. is next. With the recent density of Ethereum’s ERC20 network, Chainlink has also retreated a bit. But it continues to hold great promise for the future.


We can also talk about Algorand as another crypto money that we can expect to take an important place in the world of the future. Algorand, which incorporates the Proof of Stake technology that Ethereum wants to offer with the 2.0 transition, is the 40th among crypto coins with a market value exceeding $ 2 billion. is next. The density of the Ethereum network and the very high transfer fees may open up new opportunities for Algorand in the future. In particular, although the possible delays in the realization of the Ethereum 2.0 transition have the possibility of leaving a negative impact on the crypto money market at the beginning, we can say that it is a bright crypto money that will differentiate positively for Algorand with the technology it already contains.


Among the crypto coins of the future, we can also mention AVAX, which is offered with the Avalanche protocol. The crypto money, which is also one of the developers of Prof. Dr. Emin Gün Sirer, a Turkish scientist, is the 38th among all crypto coins with a market value of over $ 2 billion. is next. For AVAX , which has attracted attention with its recent rise, the disruptions in transfers on the Avalanche network have not prevented it from maintaining its strengthened position in the crypto money market. For AVAX , which is a very new crypto money, it can be expected that the problems will be overcome day by day and it will be one of the shining stars of the crypto money market with new agreements made with different institutions or platforms. For AVAX , we can say that the fact that the rumors about the meetings with institutions such as the CBRT become reality is among the issues that should be followed for the future periods.

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