Avalanche, Whose Founders Include a Turkish Professor, Successfully Passed the Safety Test

, a blockchain-focused cybersecurity team, conducted a thorough security audit and penetration testing for Avalanche Wallet, which is used to store
assets. As a result of these tests, which lasted from September 8 to 18, Avalanche Wallet was officially approved for security.

Halborn’s testing process to crack Avalanche Wallet revealed potential optimizations within Avalanche Wallet, while also confirming the strengths and positives in the security and design decisions made by the engineering team.
The fact that the Avalanche platform has been audited and tried to be hacked by the cyber security system proves the reliability of the platform and promotes the strengths of the platform from the investor’s point of view. The report also includes sections such as technical details, vulnerabilities, code security analysis, local storage.

“We have been following Ava Labs since Token Summit 2018 and are excited to use our skills to solidify a key part of the Avalanche ecosystem, the wallet application,” said Rob Behnke, CEO of Halborn, highlighting the risks of
vulnerabilities in DeFi
and smart contracts. The fact that Avalanche comes out of this test quite strongly is extremely important for the project and its future. This report, which reinforces the value of AVAX, the token of this platform, in terms of medium and future maturity, will hopefully be very important in terms of understanding the value of AVAX in the sector.

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About Avalanche (Avax)

Avalanche is an open-source platform built to launch decentralized finance applications and enterprise blockchain deployments in a single, interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem. Developers working on Avalanche can easily build powerful, secure applications and private blockchain networks with these complex rule sets, or build on top of existing private or public subnets.

Created by Turkish scientist Professor Dr. Emin Gün Sirer using an original consensus protocol, Avalanche confirms transactions in under a second and supports the entire Ethereum development toolkit. Avalanche is also the first smart contracts platform that enables millions of full-block producers.

During the testnet, Avalanche broke a record of more than 1,000 block producers from independent parties around the world, even surpassing the test networks of some of the most anticipated networks and most of the major active main networks. Avalanche has one of the most equitable token distribution schemes in the ecosystem, with less than 14% of the main network tokens being issued to private investors and almost 70% to users building on the ecosystem. 

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