BAT and Brave Collaboration

Founded by Brendon Eich  , the creator of Javascript, and based on Ethereum  A token that uses the ERC 20 network, which is a successful example of the use of blockchain technology in everyday life… Decentralized, open source, effective and transparent.. ‘BAT’ (Basic Attention Token) has attracted the attention of investors while making a name for itself with its recent price performance. So what influences the performance of BAT to this degree and what are the things it promises? What kind of a project is behind it and, of course, the collaboration with Brave Browser…

First of all, let’s take a look at what BAT has to offer. The token, which has a project that brings new breath in the field of advertising, has a platform that is more efficient in digital advertising, offers advertising to the target audience, eliminates the brokerage between publishers, users and advertisers, and at the same time foresees the fair sharing of advertising revenues. In this way, while eliminating the exorbitant commissions received by social media and search engines, it also provides profit to those who watch ads. In addition, ads are served according to users’ usage habits and the pages they visit, while unnecessary and suffocating ads are prevented. Thus, an understanding of advertising that benefits all parties is emerging.

The acquisition of these earnings is also carried out through the Brave browser. By creating a ‘Bat wallet’ through the browser in question, the parties are paid through  the usage made. According to the statements made by the developers of Brave browser; Brave browser provides a faster and safer way to use. In addition to the fact that the browsing speed is extremely fast, the user data is also 3. It attaches importance to confidentiality by not being shared with the parties. Mobile platforms also contribute to battery life by using less data in the background than popular internet browsers.

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