Become a Member of ICRYPEX, Earn Bitcoin Worth Net 250 TL!

ICRYPEX Members Earn Net 250 TL Worth of BTC!

A welcome bonus awaits those who sign up at ICRYPEX! Sign up to ICRYPEX now to win 250 TL worth of Bitcoin and be among hundreds of thousands of people trading the most popular cryptocurrencies!

How to Earn 250 TL Worth of Bitcoin?

To earn 250 TL worth of Bitcoin, just sign up to ICRYPEX in the first step.

If you wish, you can also complete the membership process quickly through our mobile application.

What are the Detailed Terms of the Campaign?

In order to participate in our campaign and win 250 TL worth of Bitcoin, the procedures to be performed are as follows.

  • First of all, sign up for ICRYPEX here.
  • Complete KYC (account verification) and get 30 TL.
  • Execute the first trade of 10,000 TL and earn 20 TL.
  • Execute the second trade of 10,000 TL and earn 20 TL.
  • Execute the third trade of 10,000 TL and earn 30 TL.
  • Execute the fourth trade of 10,000 TL and earn 40 TL.
  • Execute the fifth trade of 10,000 TL and earn 50 TL.
  • Execute the sixth trade of 10,000 TL and win 60 TL.

You can learn how to do KYC (account verification) here.

* Those who make a trade transaction of 60,000 TL at a time will also be able to win a prize.

* The number of members who can benefit from the campaign is limited to 50,000.

* KYC (account verification) reward won from the campaign will be available for withdrawal after 15 days, while other rewards will be available for immediate withdrawal.

Start creating your membership now so you don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity at ICRYPEX with hundreds of popular cryptocurrencies.

Campaign Conditions

These campaign conditions are for the “Win BTC worth 250 TL” campaign organized by ICRYPEX. The campaign started on October 13, 2023 and will end on March 31, 2024.

  1. Purchases made from ICRYPEX TOKEN pre-sale are not included in this campaign.
  2. Users who become a new member of ICRYPEX and complete the above-mentioned campaign steps will have 250 TL worth of Bitcoin defined in their account.
  3. Users who perform KYC 1 level approval will also receive 30 TL in their account.
  4. Gift balance; It will be defined in Bitcoin to the users’ account.
  5. It is not possible for foreign nationals to participate in the campaign.
  6. Those who trade 60,000 TL in a single transaction will also be eligible to win a prize.
  7. The number of members who can benefit from the campaign is limited to 50,000.
  8. Users may not open an account with ICRYPEX with information belonging to other persons.
  9. ICRYPEX is not responsible for incomplete or incorrect information provided during participation in the campaign or for the non-receipt of the prize for any reason.
  10. The T.R. Identity Number, date of birth, phone number, e-mail information requested by you during the registration process via the ICRYPEX mobile application or website must be correct. Users are obliged to prove the accuracy of the information in case ICRYPEX determines that this information is incomplete or incorrect. Otherwise, ICRYPEX reserves the right to close the fake accounts and to recover the gift amounts credited to their accounts.
  11. ICRYPEX will examine the information of the accounts of both the referrer and the users who perform the membership process and has the right to withdraw the balances given to both users in case of incomplete or incorrect information in the accounts.
  12. It is not possible for users who have previously had an account with ICRYPEX but have closed their account for any reason to be counted as a reference member.
  13. ICRYPEX will be immediately uploaded to the accounts of those who comply with the campaign conditions and successfully complete their membership.
  14. The KYC (account verification) prize won from the campaign will be available for withdrawal after 15 days, while other prizes will be available for immediate withdrawal.
  15. ICRYPEX; reserves the right to change the campaign dates specified herein, to suspend and terminate the campaigns without notice.
  16. ICRYPEX shall not be liable for late or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of its obligations under these Campaign Terms in the event of force majeure events (events beyond the control of the parties such as war, mobilization, natural disasters, insurrection, terrorism/cyber-attack, prolonged and generalized power outage, change in legislation, etc.) that cannot be foreseen by ICRYPEX at the time of the addition of these Campaign Terms, which partially or completely eliminate the performance of the obligations arising from these terms. In cases of force majeure; the user shall not be entitled to claim compensation from ICRYPEX under any name whatsoever. Istanbul Central Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized for disputes related to these Campaign Conditions.

Everyone participating in this campaign is deemed to have accepted the conditions stated above.

You can access the Personal Data Clarification Text prepared within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law from the link ““KVKK Text””.