Can You Mine Bitcoin at Home?

Mining is of great importance in recording Bitcoin transactions on the blockchain. Miners try to decrypt these transactions with computers to prove the authenticity of these transactions to the chain. The difficulty of this cryptocurrency increases as the number of miners increases. Thus, the amount of reward bitcoins resulting from mining is limited. Today, as the number of miners increases, mining has become more difficult than before. However, special computers have been developed just for mining. Mining can be done individually at home, as well as large companies that are engaged only in mining. In this article, we will explain in detail the question “ how to mine at home with personal computers?”

For this, you first need to buy a suitable hardware for mining. You can use FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) or Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) devices. These devices are the best in terms of electricity and efficiency, as they are specially designed for mining. If you want to mine with your computer without investing in these devices, you can start mining by installing the Bitcoin Miner program on your computer. However, in a market with ASIC devices, mining with your personal computer will not be profitable. The fewer the number of miners, the greater your efficiency and profit, so you can turn to altcoin mining.

Miners try to make their income more stable by creating a pool of miners. You can also be included in these pools with your own computer. However, as we mentioned, mining with personal computers today is not profitable. You will also have to pay attention to electricity charges if you buy a machine like ASIC.

The average price of ASIC machines is $ 3,000 and then electricity consumption can force you to make a decision. You can start bitcoin mining with usb computers such as “Sapphire Miner”, “Bitmain Antrouter”, which are relatively more suitable for this. “Cloud Mining” for mining may also be an option. Cloud mining basically works by the way that the company mines on your behalf with the amount you deposit and the amount of bitcoins you deposit is reflected in your account. But the accuracy and reliability of these platforms is crucial. If you are going to do cloud mining, we recommend that you research the platform well and read different comments.

If you are sympathetic to the Bitcoin philosophy and just want to be in this structure, we can say that mining with usb computers is for you. This will give you an introduction to mining and understand the logic of bitcoin mining. Then, if you want, you can turn it into an investment and advance mining.