Creating a Cryptocurrency Wallet

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Cryptocurrency wallets are like the wallets where we put our credit cards and cash every day, and much more. You can instantly see how much assets you have in a cryptocurrency wallet and view your most recent transfers. For this reason, cryptocurrency wallets can also be called smart wallets. 

With just one cryptocurrency wallet, you can store hundreds or even thousands of your cryptocurrencies together without worrying about storage space. Thanks to the smart storage technology of crypto money wallets, your crypto coins are stored separately without interfering. 

How Do Cryptocurrency Wallets Work?

Think of the way cryptocurrencies work as the vault where a valuable asset is stored. The most important difference  of cryptocurrency wallets from safes is that what we store is  not a physical currency or commodity, but our digital assets. Just like our vault has a key, our cryptocurrency wallet has a key called a ‘private key’. It is very important that this key is stored correctly because without this key we will definitely not be able to open our cryptocurrency wallet and all our digital assets will remain unusable within our cryptocurrency wallet. 

Cryptocurrency wallet keys are made up of hexadacimal codes. These codes are as follows;


Although they may seem difficult to memorize, these codes are the keys you need to access your cryptocurrency wallet. For this reason, it should be printed on a piece of paper, stored in your computer, photographed and even memorized if necessary. In particular, the other precaution you should take is not to lose the key to your cryptocurrency wallet and not to share it with anyone.

How to Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

You can find sites, phone applications or crypto money wallet hardware where you can create a crypto money wallet over the Internet. It is very important to know that the cryptocurrency wallets you will acquire here are completely trustworthy, having an untrusted cryptocurrency wallet may result in the loss of your digital assets. 

How Can I Store My Assets Outside of a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Icrypex can store your digital assets in cryptocurrency wallets specially opened in your name. Your cryptocurrency wallets on Icrypex are stored with cold wallet technology. This means that your digital assets are protected offline in a completely secure way against cyber attacks. 

After all;

Cryptocurrency wallets are vaults where you can store your digital assets. You can store these assets with its website, phone apps and cryptocurrency wallet hardware, as well as use the cold wallets that Icrypex offers you. 

You can also create a free membership on and start your crypto money investments under the consultancy of our crypto money investment experts.


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