Cryptocurrency: Redefining the Future of Finance

Money is the name given to everything that is generally accepted used to purchase goods and services. Money is perhaps the greatest invention that has brought mankind to this level and helped mankind develop and modernize. Money when it was not yet a coin tool; The inscription was used to document the land received in exchange for oil, wool, barley on tablets. The unfairness of transactions made as barter caused people to trade pieces of metal made with the same weights over time. The first money to emerge with a mixture of metals was used by the Lydians, and later examples were seen in the Chinese and Roman civilizations. However, the transportation of printed money began to force people more and more in terms of security and burden, and the money changed shape into paper. As time progressed and technology entered our lives, our money with banks now moved out of our wallets and into our accounts in banks. When we make a spending, instead of cash, many of us make our purchases with the card given to us by the bank. As a result of the penetration of the banking system into our lives, the amount of money in the transformation began to decrease gradually compared to the amount of money that people had. Currently, the proportion of money in conversion is only 3%. In the digitalizing world, crypto coins that enter our lives with blockchain technology offer you exactly the finance of the future. How? 

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Due to its high security structure, blockchain technology is no longer only related to crypto coins and is used in many systems where data security is of utmost importance today. In the system with such high security, crypto coins, like other online payment methods such as credit card or bank transfer, are primarily realized by you sending to a center and passing to the other party with the approval of the center, rather than directly forwarding it to the other party. All of these transactions are kept on the blockchain and cannot be deleted. When we think that the blockchain system will form the infrastructure of payment and money transfer of the future, the fact that crypto coins are already using this technology reveals the future of finance and the place of crypto coins in finance.

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