Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

Crypto coins, which we have started to hear a lot recently, have started to become a situation that many people have increased their appetite for investment due to the large profit margins they have brought to their investors, but they do not dare to take a step. 

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With a solid cryptocurrency trading strategy, you are more likely to achieve your trading and investment goals.  In this article, we will talk about the strategies applied when investing in crypto money. With the strategies we’ll explain, you can continuously monitor and optimize your cryptocurrency strategy.


So, would you like to implement cryptocurrency trading strategies by creating your own trading strategy? Follow the steps!

  • Seeing it as a Long-Term Investment

It is a method of investing in a crypto money that has proven itself and gained a lot of value compared to the past years and leaving this investment for years later. It is worth mentioning the following about this type of investment. While a BTC was worth $ 0.06 in 2010, today a BTC is pushing the $ 16,000 band.

  • Basket Making

Making a basket by dividing the investment in the ever-winning crypto coins that have gained the trust of the market and in case of any loss of any crypto money, the investments made in the form of closing the loss with the profit of other crypto coins are called basket making. The profit of the investor who invests by making a basket will be lower, but in case of any loss, he will be able to minimize his loss.

  • Buying and Selling by Doing Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the analysis on charts and shaping investments by predicting what may happen in the future as a result of these analyzes. According to these analyzes, you can keep your profit at the maximum level by determining the price bottom point, buying crypto money from the bottom point, determining the peak point and selling it when it reaches the peak. There are many indicators used when performing technical analysis and the most commonly used ones are the bolinger band, RSI and MACD. Using these indicators, you can determine your support resistance levels and perform a healthy buy-sell trade. Learning technical analysis can be too detailed and complicated for a beginner trader. You can evaluate the analyzes made by the Crypto Money Investment Experts working in our crypto money exchange; With the Daily Crypto Money Analysis published daily by our research team, you can take a look at the support resistance levels of the crypto coins in our crypto money exchange.

  • Investing by Buying and Selling Short-Term

In this way, investors who invest in crypto money are trying to turn the fluctuations in the crypto money exchange into an opportunity rather than an investment. They make buy-sell transactions by keeping the duration of the indicators used in technical analysis shorter. Since crypto money exchanges are a type of exchange that can be traded 24/7 and the fluctuations are quite high, investors who invest in this way need to spend a lot of time.

  • Those Who Shape the Course of the Market (Manipulators)  

This type of investor can instantly change the course of the market with a large amount of capital in their hands and direct people to buy and sell. After the investor buys a large amount, he can cause the price to crash by selling his own products with the investment of other investors in the rising price. To avoid this phenomenon that appears in crypto coins with low trading volume, we recommend that you invest only in reliable crypto coins that have proven themselves. As Icrypex crypto money exchange, we only have reliable crypto coins in our company.

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