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Generate Returns with ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing

ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing Started!

ICRYPEX kicked off another lucrative period with Liquidity Profit Sharing. Thanks to the ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing model, which paves the way for higher returns, ICRYPEX users will now be able to make more efficient use of the crypto assets they own or purchase.

First, let’s take a brief look at what the Liquidity Farming model is commonly known globally and then explore the privileges of the ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing model.

What is Liquidity Farming?

Liquidity farming is one of the popular financial instruments in cryptocurrency markets. It emerged as part of the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) projects.

It involves users providing liquidity to a platform by locking up their crypto assets, and in return they receive the platform’s own crypto assets or other crypto assets as a reward. The basic principle of the liquidity farming model is to incentivize users by offering them a share of the platform’s revenue for providing liquidity.

What is ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing?

ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing is a financial product created exclusively for ICRYPEX TOKENS (ICPX). It makes it possible to get a higher APR compared to other staking transactions. This means more additional returns for users.

How to Participate in ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing?

You can visit our Liquidity Profit Sharing page to start trading immediately. The steps to be taken to participate in Liquidity Profit Sharing are as follows.

Step 1 – Go to the Liquidity Profit Sharing Page and click

To start trading, first go to the Liquidity Profit Sharing page.

Step 2 – Login with your ICRYPEX Account

* If you are already logged in to your ICRYPEX account, you can skip this step. After clicking the “Login” button, log in to your ICRYPEX account by filling in your membership information.

Step 3 – Join the Pool

Select the pool you wish to join in the “Select Pool” section under “Liquidity Dashboard”. Then select the period of time you want to lock your crypto assets under “Duration (Days)”. Then specify the amount you want to provide liquidity in the field below.

You are now ready to join the pool. Check the required information in the “Details” section and after making sure everything is correct, click “I have read and agree to the Farming Terms of Use.” After checking the box in the field with the text, click on the “Insert” button below.

After performing all these transactions, you will have participated in Liquidity Profit Sharing, and you will earn a return with a high APR rate at the end of the period you lock your crypto assets.

How Does ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing Work?

ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing offers users different pool options. These pool options include two different cryptocurrencies. This means that users can use ICRYPEX’s Liquidity Profit Sharing model by adding two different cryptocurrencies to the pool. For example, USDT/ICPX or AVAX/ICPX.

One of the two different cryptocurrencies to be added to the pool must be ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX). The other cryptocurrency can be any asset offered to users in Liquidity Earnings Sharing. For a better understanding of this process, let us illustrate it with an example.

For example, you want to participate in the USDT/ICPX pool. To do this, users must have Tether USDt (USDT) and ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) equivalent to Tether USDt (USDT) in their account for the amount desired to participate in the pool. If either or both of these two assets are not in the user account, they must be purchased or transferred.

Assuming that you have the required balance, you can participate in Liquidity Gainsharing after deciding on the preferred pool and selecting the locking period from the options of days (30, 60, 90 or 120).

ICRYPEX deducts 2% of the amount of ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) locked by users as commission from ICRYPEX and in return, users can earn additional returns by being rewarded with a higher APR rate compared to staking in other cryptocurrencies.

Suppose users wait until the end of the lockout period. In such a case, the Tether USDt (USDT) locked as principal will be credited to the user’s wallet with the APR rate deserved. ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX), which is locked as the principal, will also be credited to the user wallet with a 2% commission deduction.

In another scenario, in the Liquidity Profit Sharing model, users can terminate their pool participation at any time. As a result, the principal invested in the pool will be returned to them, they will not be able to earn Tether USDt (USDT) (as an example), and the ICRYPEX TOKEN, which is deducted at a rate of 2% during the pool participation phase, will not be refunded.

An important feature of Liquidity Profit Sharing is that the commission amount deducted from the ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) that users deposit into the pool is transferred to the pool where the staking rewards are distributed. This way, the crypto assets in the staking reward pool will not run out, ensuring continuity in staking transactions.

Which Assets Can Be Liquidity Shared?

ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing offers liquidity pools for various crypto assets. Current liquidity pools and supported assets can be found by visiting our Liquidity Profit Sharing page.

What is the Rate of Return on ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing?

ICRYPEX’s Liquidity Profit Sharing system, developed specifically for ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX), is designed to provide users with the opportunity to earn returns with higher APR rates compared to other staking transactions. The current rates of return on this financial product can be viewed at any time on the Liquidity Profit Sharing page.

Which Cryptocurrency is Rewarded in ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing?

In ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing, the only factor that determines the cryptocurrency that will be rewarded to users is which pool to participate in. If the USDT/ICPX pool is participated in, users will be rewarded with BTC.

When is the ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing Return Paid?

Rewards to liquidity providers for contributing to liquidity pools are automatically calculated and added to the user’s wallet. You can select the pool you wish to participate in on the Liquidity Profit Sharing page, and then get information about the process in the details section.

Are Deductions Deducted from Participants in Liquidity Gain Sharing?

A deduction of 2% will be made from the amount of ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) locked by each user participating in Liquidity Gainsharing.

Can Liquidity Gainsharing Participation be Terminated Early?

Users can terminate their participation in Liquidity Gainsharing early and get back the assets they have locked. However, in this case, they will not be able to earn a return on the crypto assets they have locked up. If a user cancels their participation in Liquidity Gainsharing, the locked assets will be returned to their spot wallet. However, the 2% deduction from ICPX during lockdown will not be refunded.

Is Liquidity Profit Sharing Safe?

ICRYPEX takes and implements every secure measure to protect user assets. It should be noted that cryptocurrency transactions in general carry a risk. Users should therefore conduct their own research and make their investment decisions accordingly.

You can start investing your assets in ICRYPEX Liquidity Profit Sharing right now to earn higher APR rates compared to other staking transactions.