Gold-Based Token Project DGLD Comes to Turkey

DGLD is defined as digital proof of ownership of physical gold found in Swiss vaults. The DGLD token was developed as a token-type gold product designed to combine the outstanding features of
and gold. This token incorporates
the Bitcoin
blockchain and different technologies. Thanks to this technology, the history of DGLD Tokens can be viewed on the
. In addition, information such as the gold bullion number and production date to which these tokens are attached can be accessed.

From a security point of view, since the Bitcoin blockchain is considered the most secure chain in the world, it is highly unlikely that the DGLD token will be affected by attacks such as 51%. The value of each DGLD Token is set at 0.1 Ounce of Gold and is fixed accordingly. Each DGLD Token is held in vaults located in Switzerland as the bullion equivalent. Investors can invest in digital gold in a similar way to cryptocurrency investments. If requested by investors, DGLDs can be purchased from Switzerland in the form of physical gold or stored as tokens in investor wallets.

The DGLD Token is accessible 24/7, 365 days a week, giving you the opportunity to trade with this token at any time. Since DGLD is considered as a token, it is not subject to the 1% foreign exchange tax introduced in Turkey. In addition, there is no interest rate when grams of gold are purchased from the bank. Because DGLD is a digital and liquid asset, it offers interest rates of up to 8% per year on
platforms. On the other hand, there is a KYC (Know Your Customer) requirement for DGLD wallets. This situation prevents the presence of bad actors within the DGLD network. There are no large ranges between DGLD buying and selling prices as under the gram, so the profit rate is high when trading. 

In the light of all these developments, it is foreseen that DGLD will change the way gold is used in daily life.