How to Participate in the ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) Pre-Sale?

The ICRYPEX Token (ICPX), developed and issued by ICRYPEX, is now available for pre-sale with a 20% discount!

It offers its users ICO participation, discounts on transaction fees, additional returns by staking, access to special tokens, etc. ICRYPEX Token (ICPX), which grants many privileges, hurry to participate in the limited pre-sale process. For more information about ICRYPEX Token (ICPX), please visit our blog page.

Follow the steps below to own ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) and say “Hello!” to a real blockchain experience.


You can find our detailed guide on how to participate in the 20% discounted ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) pre-sale below.

Step 1 – Become a Member

*If you already have an account with ICRYPEX, you can skip to the second step.

Visit and create your account in the sign up section.

Step 2 – Member Login

Visit and click on the “Login” button.

After filling in your e-mail address and password information for your membership, check the “I am not a robot” box below and then click the “Login” button below.

Step 3 – Funding your account

*If you are already a member of ICRYPEX and have enough funds in your account to buy ICRYPEX Token (ICPX), you can skip this step.

Click on the “Deposit” button on the homepage.

Click on the “Deposit Money” button under the deposit method section.

In the “Bank Account” section, select the bank you want to deposit money into your ICRPYEX account.

Using the information you receive, send the USDt amount corresponding to the amount of ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) you want to buy from the pre-sale to your ICRYPEX account via money transfer methods offered by your bank (wire transfer, EFT, etc.).

Step 4 – Joining the ICPX Presale

Visit the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) pre-sale page. On the “Buy ICPX” screen, select USDt in the “Amount Payable” section and enter the amount you want to buy ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) in the “Amount Payable” section. After checking how many ICPX tokens you will receive in the “Amount to Buy” section, check the “I have read the whitepaper and agree to the terms” box and click the “Buy ICPX” button below to complete the purchase at a 20% discount.

That’s it, that’s it! Now, as a holder of ICRYPEX Token (ICPX), you can get many privileges in ICRYPEX and seize the potential return opportunity from the very beginning.