ICRYPEX introduces its native token, the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX). You are very close to experiencing transparent, secure and real blockchain. A new journey awaits you with the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) built on DeFi in Turkey. And with a 20% discounted pre-sale opportunity!

You can find out what ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) is all about below and you can own ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) with Privete Sale opportunity.

What is ICRYPEX Token (ICPX)?

ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) was designed as a utility token by the ICRYPEX cryptocurrency exchange in 2023. ICRYPEX is a blockchain-based digital asset platform that provides users with a secure, efficient and user-friendly way to buy, sell and trade digital assets. ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) is the native cryptocurrency of this platform. It is touted as the “real token” because there are real reasons behind its existence.

With the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX), users will be able to participate in private token sales, staking, ICO and education processes on the ICRYPEX platform, receive discounts on transaction fees and experience VIP membership. ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) is compatible with C-Chain smart contract technology running on the Avalanche network. The development and management of the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) is carried out by ICRYPEX.

ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) will not only bring advantages to users, but will also solve some of the major problems in the crypto world. In this context, it will not only improve itself, but will also help the sector to progress. We will be discussing the details in this context in the following sections.

What are the Advantages of ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) for Users?

The ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) allows users to participate advantageously in various financial services through ICRYPEX. Some of the advantages and uses of ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX);

Fee Reduction for Crypto Asset Transfers

ICPX token holders are exempt from on-chain crypto asset withdrawal fees, commonly known as gas fees, for any crypto asset withdrawals. Users will be notified of any changes to this policy.

Listing Fee Advantages

Listing fees for projects on ICRYPEX will be charged in ICPX tokens. Projects will be required to purchase and hold a certain amount of ICPX tokens based on project size during the listing period in alignment with ICRYPEX’s Launchpad project.

ICRYPEX Launchpad

ICPX token will be used as collateral for ICO or IEO listing requests. Projects will be selected for listing based on their business plan, technical infrastructure, contribution to the blockchain ecosystem and adherence to compliance rules. Launchpad will automate some steps in the listing process and ICPX tokens will act as a deposit and collateral for the listed projects.

Priority in ICO Sales

Investors are granted special privileges in ICO sales through Launchpad. Coin sales of new projects funded through initial crypto asset offerings (ICOs) are offered for purchase at set prices before crypto asset platforms list them.

3-Tier Referral Model with Earning Opportunity

ICRYPEX users already benefit from the 3-tier reference model for commission discounts and profit sharing. In addition, ICRYPEX offers a more aggressive referral model for ICPX Private Sales, with different commission rates depending on the sales volume and tier depth. These commissions are delivered in USDt and allocated to ICRYPEX’s marketing budget.

Purchase of Small-cap Tokens with ICPX Token Only

The ICPX token will act as a quota currency for rare and small-cap tokens and facilitate trading.

Opportunity to Increase Your Products with Airdrop

ICRYPEX will offer various airdrop programs for different marketing activities and attract new users globally. These unique airdrop programs are designed to avoid creating an emission burden for the volatile ICPX order book.

Use in NFT Marketplace Purchases

The ICPX token will be used as a means of purchase in the ICRYPEX NFT marketplace. Buying NFTs with ICPX tokens on the platform incentivizes participation in the NFT market by offering users the benefit of discounted transaction fees.

Free Access to All Training Content with ICRYPEX Academy

ICPX Token will be used for ICRYPEX Academy content. Basic and introductory content will be free on the ICRYPEX Academy platform, but intermediate and advanced content will be exclusive to ICPX Token holders.

P2P Transfer Connection

The ICPX Token will be connected to P2P (peer-to-peer) transfer services.

Chance to Achieve High Returns with Liquidity Farming

The ICRYPEX Farming program offers the opportunity to earn returns for different assets with various Annual Return Rates (APR) for predefined periods. Liquidity farming involves providing liquidity for specific pairs, such as BTC/ICPX or USDt/ICPX. Therefore, committing enough ICPX tokens for the respective liquidity pool will generate returns on a base currency basis such as BTC, USDt

Binary Investment Access to Real Blockchain Products

Binary trading is a structured financial product that encompasses a combination of at least two different assets and related strategies. ICPX tokens will be instrumental in the creation of these structured products. The field of financial engineering offers a myriad of creative product variants that allow users to create different hedging options for themselves or for different speculative assets. This approach allows users to diversify their investment strategies and explore a wide range of opportunities.

Opportunity to Become a Partner for the Future with ICRYPEX Company Stock Purchase Option

ICRYPEX Bilişim A.Ş. is not a public company. Therefore, company shares may be sold in limited quantities and to designated persons at an agreed valuation. The ICPX token will be the sole means of purchase for purchases of ICRYPEX company (ICRYPEX Bilişim A.Ş. and its subsidiaries) shares of 1% or less. This feature will be explained in a separate statement and board resolution to be announced later.

What Problems Does ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) Solve?

An in-depth look at the cryptocurrency industry can reveal some shortcomings, problems and mistakes. The details of ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) that attract attention in this context are as follows.

  • The existence of verification and validation requirements in traditional financial markets.
  • DeFi’s failure to integrate into financial markets.
  • Difficulty for individual users to access DeFi features.
  • Due to their limited trading scope, closed-end native tokens, which are predominantly intended for in-platform use, often face limited liquidity.
  • ICO projects are a burden for the crypto space in general in terms of an unregulated environment.
  • Many exchanges have inadequate technical infrastructure leading to security, efficiency, speed and scalability issues.

ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) not only analyzes these gaps in the cryptocurrency markets, but also develops solutions. In this context, the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) will be used in the following ways to fill the gaps mentioned above.

  • Transferring information between financial markets and the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Improve DeFi’s integration with financial markets, enabling smoother interaction and broader market access.
  • Creating user-friendly platforms and educational resources for easy access to DeFi services on an individual basis.
  • Effectively increase liquidity accessibility and expand trading possibilities with the strategically designed ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) with the potential for multi-exchange listing.
  • Offering deep liquidity with ICRYPEX, verified by CoinMarketCap.
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance to ease the burdens of ICO projects, increase community engagement, provide detailed transparency to investors and increase participant integration by leveraging smart contracts for automated processes.
  • Enabling the verification of transactions or data in real-world situations, ensuring accuracy and trust through consensus and cryptography. Realizing all this on the blockchain.
  • Always easy to use for end users.
  • Support a choice of alternative wallet applications.
  • Building a robust technical architecture in the areas of security, efficiency, speed and scalability with a team that has decades of experience in building and maintaining world-class financial systems.

Will there be an Airdrop with ICRYPEX Token (ICPX)?

Airdrop means distributing cryptocurrency for free to a large number of users in order to promote a project and increase adoption. In this context, ICRYPEX aims to make the name of ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) known with the airdrop event it will organize. Of course, a number of advantages await users at this point.

What is the Advantage of Participating in the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) Airdrop Event?

The advantages waiting for users who will earn ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) for free by participating in the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) airdrop event planned to be held in the future are as follows.

  • If ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) reaches high price values in the future, it can be profitable.
  • The working system can be tested before investing in the relevant cryptocurrency.
  • They can be converted into cash and earn a return.
  • It can help diversify the portfolio.

How to Participate in the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) Pre-Sale (ICO)

Buying ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) with a 20% pre-sale discount offer is a no hassle and no strings attached for users. If you want to get great benefits by investing in a real token, you can make a profitable purchase by visiting our ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) pre-sale page.

Please note that the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX), which is on sale with a 20% pre-sale discount, is limited in number and may sell out quickly due to the intense interest. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit our ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) pre-sale page and reserve your place among the lucky investors of the future.

Why is it Advantageous to Participate in the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) Pre-Sale?

The ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) offers many advantages to its users, but it also offers completely different advantages to those who own it first.

If we look at these advantages, the opportunities waiting for users are as follows.

  • It can be purchased with a 20% discount offer.
  • With the presale referral reward program, USDt can be earned from the purchases of people invited to the presale.
  • The ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) could potentially be available at a lower price than the high price it could reach in the future. This is potentially a profit opportunity.
  • You can be among the first to benefit from the opportunities offered by the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX).

If you have realized the benefits of participating in the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) pre-sale, you can buy ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) at a 20% discount by visiting the pre-sale page now.

Will the Pre-Sale ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) Remain Locked?

ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) purchased with the 20% discounted pre-sale opportunity will initially remain locked. Sometime after the pre-sale process is completed, the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) will be unlocked and can be traded on ICRYPEX.

ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) Review

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies today. Each cryptocurrency project serves a specific purpose. A closer examination of these projects reveals that some of them serve no purpose and may even be fraudulently designed. At this point, ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) manages to stand out among thousands of tokens and meets users as a utility token.

Using blockchain technology, ICRYPEX Token (ICPX), which is on the DeFi ecosystem and traded on the C-Chain network, offers users a real cryptocurrency experience. ICRYPEX Token (ICPX), which provides its users with many more advantages than just being able to realize transaction fees on the exchange at a discount, fully underpins being a utility token.

With ICRYPEX Token (ICPX), users will be able to perform transactions on the ICRYPEX cryptocurrency exchange at a discount, get the first investment opportunity in new projects by participating in ICOs through Launchpad, earn additional returns by participating in staking processes, participate in educational programs for the crypto world, purchase special tokens, VIP membership. There are even plans to use the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) as a means of payment.

All things considered, the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) serves a real purpose in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The adoption of the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) by users and its increasing usage day by day will help push its price value upwards and attract the attention of other investors.

How to Buy ICRYPEX Token (ICPX)?

The ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) purchase process is currently available at a 20% discount with a pre-sale opportunity. After the pre-sale process, the purchase of ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) will only take place through ICRYPEX for a certain period of time.

Once the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) is listed on ICRYPEX, those who wish to make a purchase can follow the steps below.

  1. If you are not already a member of ICRYPEX, first create your account for free. If you already have a membership, log in to your account.
  2. If you don’t have USDT balance in your account for the amount you want to buy ICRYPEX Token (ICPX), buy it first. If you are a first-time trader on ICRYPEX, you can buy USDT by depositing Turkish Lira at ICRYPEX’s partner banks.
  3. Buy ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) in one click thanks to ICRYPEX’s ‘Easy Trade’ solution or use the Pro Trade section and use order types to buy ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) at the price you set.

We would like to remind you that the purchase steps including the above steps will take place after the pre-sale. People interested in buying ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) can visit the pre-sale page.

How to Sell ICRYPEX Token (ICPX)?

As the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) pre-sale process is ongoing, the sale of ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) in the hands of users cannot be realized at this time. After the launch of the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX), users holding ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) will be able to sell it.

For this, the following steps can be followed.

  1. Log in to your ICYPEX account.
  2. Check the amount of ICPX in your wallet.
  3. Sell ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) instantly on ICRYPEX’s Easy Trade or use the order types to sell ICRYPEX Token at your desired price on the Pro Trade and wait for the trade to be executed automatically.

We would like to remind you once again that the pre-sale process must end and ICRYPEX Tokens (ICPX) must be released before ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) can be sold.

How to Send ICRYPEX Token (ICPX)?

Since the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) is currently only available on ICRYPEX, it is not possible to send ICRYPEX Tokens (ICPX) to wallet addresses on another cryptocurrency exchange. In the future, when ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) is listed on different cryptocurrency exchanges, ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) transfer will also be possible.

In addition, in the future, ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) holders will be able to move their assets to wallet applications.

How to Store ICRYPEX Token (ICPX)?

ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) holders will be offered two main ways to store their assets. Users will be able to hold their tokens on the ICRYPEX cryptocurrency exchange or host them in wallet applications.


Users’ cryptocurrency holdings on ICRYPEX are stored with cold wallet technology. This means that users’ digital assets are protected offline, with full security against cyber-attacks.

Storing ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) in Wallet Applications

Users’ ICRYPEX wallet can be connected to various wallet applications. ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) will be used in later stages by Trust Wallet, Metamask, etc. will be stored on wallet applications.

Which App to Buy ICRYPEX Token (ICPX)?

The only way to get ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) at the moment is to become a member of ICRYPEX. ICRYPEX, which always offers the most advantageous opportunities to its users, this time gives its users a great chance with its native token. Those wishing to receive the ICRYPEX Token (ICPX) can do so via ICRYPEX’s website and mobile app.

With ICRYPEX Token (ICPX), ICRYPEX opens the door to a great opportunity for its users and brings many advantages as a cryptocurrency exchange. Every user who opts for ICRYPEX will receive

  • Full security measures were taken,
  • VASP licenses from 2 different EU member states,
  • It has more than 100 cryptocurrencies,
  • Easy to use because it is user-friendly,
  • Unlimited customer support,
  • They can consult investment experts,
  • Based on a highly transparent structure

through a cryptocurrency exchange, they are involved in a unique experience.