Is Bitcoin Price Predictable?

Crypto coins have been priced differently every day and have shown people how active a market it is. While these movements were sometimes with the rise, sometimes with the decrease, they faced the investors. Pricing in the crypto money market can be affected by many situations. These can cause instant rises and falls both with the rules of the countries against the crypto money market, with the competitive market, and sometimes even with the sharing of businessmen or phenomena. Due to the fact that rises and falls can occur instantly in the crypto money market, it is currently seen as a very risky market by investors.

When this is the case, serious losses can occur as well as gains. The Supply-Demand equilibrium situation, which is in almost all markets, also exists in the crypto money market. In case of a decline, the reds in the market increase, while in the case of rises, the market becomes green. Price movements and fluctuations may occur in the market due to the Supply-Demand situation. For example, when an investor buys a crypto asset, the price rises if the demand for that asset increases more after the purchase time. In the opposite case, price decreases may occur. In the rises and falls in prices, changes occur in the charts.

Movements and changes in the charts can show us the next price movement of that asset. Thanks to the chart lines or indicators that are complicated at first, which they look at as constantly rising and falling, in fact, thanks to the predictability of the next price movement, the profit-loss balance that occurs in purchases and sales can be realized in a less risky way. Analysis is very important in crypto money markets. It is possible to make more informed realistic decisions when buying or selling an asset. Analysis is not only important in the crypto money markets, it is very important in the markets where almost all trades are made. We have said that it is possible to make an analysis in every market where investment can be made. In the analyzes, it is divided into certain groups. For example, Fundamental Analysis is divided into 3 as Technical Analysis and Emotional analysis.

In technical analysis, thanks to the volumes or indicators occurring in the prices, the next price can be followed according to the previous realized prices. In fundamental analysis, the situation is a little different. By looking at current prices, they take a slightly more traditional approach to news, policies, or trends that will lead to a rise or fall in the price of that asset. In emotional analysis, the situation is actually completely different from the others. To explain by giving an example; Although an investor loses an asset by falling far below the price he has bought, he believes that the price of an asset can rise without the need for both technical and fundamental analysis by establishing an emotional connection with that asset. When this is the case, investors can lose very serious figures and enter into an irreversible situation.
The most popular type of analysis for the forecasting of the cryptocurrency market is the technical analysis method. Investors can make predictions according to price movements. One of the important points here has to do with the way you look at the chart. For example, while our risk situation is higher by looking at short-term pricing, healthier results can be obtained by looking at historical data. In other words, instead of looking at the last 24-hour price movement to predict the next price of an asset’s price, an investor should look at the volumetric size of the asset, past price movements, as well as weekly, monthly and sometimes even annual price closing movements. With the help of these movements and indicators and patterns, predictions can be made in the price of assets, but these predictions can never give us 100% results. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the rise and fall in price movements are due to many reasons. For this reason, price changes may occur instantly. Our advice to investors is far from emotional, with a more realistic approach and by making the necessary analyzes, people make investment recommendations without depending on investment recommendations. If the necessary analyzes are not made, the news is not investigated and the news is looked at emotionally, many investors may suffer serious losses against the asset they have bought.

Bitcoin Price Prediction at the End of 2022

The price of Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency asset, can constantly fluctuate. Sometimes rises may occur, while sometimes decreases may occur. When we look at the price fluctuations that have occurred in the past, although there have been declines in Bitcoin, in fact, every time it falls, it can help ATH by leaving behind the previous level of rise. Although sharp declines have occurred from the past to the present, as a result of these declines, rises occur again. After all, we can say that every logical, realistic decline can be a buying opportunity. Analysis and analysis show us that Bitcoin’s price by the end of 2022 may be more than $ 70,000. Of course, changes may occur against fluctuations in price. The comments made by us do not carry any trading messages. It does not constitute investment advice of any kind.

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