Is the Future of Crypto Coins Bright?

One of the biggest questions about crypto
, which are the focus of investors’ attention, is undoubtedly “Is the future of crypto coins bright?” In this article, which will be a reference for investors who have just met crypto currencies or have been trading for a long time, we have evaluated the future of crypto coins by considering the developments in the sector.


The Future of Crypto Coins in 2020 and Beyond


, which introduced us to Blockchain

technology and altcoins

, has come a long way since the day it came to the agenda and started a digital transformation worldwide thanks to its features. Considering the fact that it is the first crypto money to emerge and the transaction volume in the market, it is obvious that Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency. However, besides Bitcoin, crypto coins with a bright future have slowly started to prove themselves and Bitcoin has approached the level of being a competitor. Its use in bank transfers, its preference as a payment infrastructure, its use in commercial life as software, shows that crypto coins have recently progressed by expanding their scope. Cryptocurrencies that break traditional financial patterns and breathe new life into the system, especially Bitcoin, have become an important actor in our daily lives as well as being used for cross-border transfers with low transaction fees. When we say commercial transfers, home sales, we have finally come to prefer crypto coins to buy coffee.

Investment Vehicle

Especially in the last three years, leading organizations have started to offer services related to the cryptocurrency sector. However, institutional investors have begun to take an interest in cryptocurrencies. Investors are now eager to include promising cryptocurrencies in their investment portfolios. In addition, as a result of the economies of the countries and the political tension they are in, crypto coins have become the preferred element by the companies as well as the states with their stance against trade embargoes, especially since they reach the buyer directly from the seller to the buyer and are not connected to any center. In order to escape from geographical alliances or embargo arising from commercial interests, many countries are preparing to issue their own digital currencies, in addition to preferring the crypto coins currently in circulation. In this context, especially the fact that bitcoin has proven itself in the market, is the pioneer of crypto coins and can be used by international companies causes it to spread across geographies and create a loyal buyer base. This is causing the underlying blockchain technology and other altcoins to gain sympathy. When we examine the process ahead, it is expected that the blockchain and bitcoin-led crypto coins, which are developing and penetrating even into our daily lives, will become increasingly widespread and used in different areas. Online shopping sites, individuals who oppose the use of banks, judicial and legal processes, as well as international companies are entering into an increasingly common digital transformation to use to eliminate the problems in business life. The most important reasons for this are immutability, transparency, affordability, eliminating the need to rely on the unknown.

Acceptance of Crypto Coins

Aside from being seen as an investment vehicle, cryptocurrencies are likely to play a more important role in our day-to-day operations. Cryptocurrency concepts are becoming increasingly familiar. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies offer numerous advantages when used as a mode of payment transfer. Merchants, retailers, and organizations have begun to accept this fact. A recent study reveals that 36 percent of small-to-medium-sized businesses in the U.S. accept Bitcoin as a payment method. As cryptocurrencies become more widespread, this number is likely to increase in the coming years. In 2020, major retailers such as Microsoft, Wikipedia, Burger King, Starbucks are a few names that accept Bitcoin.

What to expect next?

The potential of digital currencies powered by blockchain technology is unprecedented. As such, we will witness future innovations in multiple sectors thanks to the current developments and projects in the crypto and Blockchain ecosystem. Even the current statistics, analyses and figures reveal that Blockchain will be one of the greatest innovations of this century. Thanks to its advantages in the cryptocurrency arena and subsequent developments, the perception of this entire industry has changed. The question changed from ‘Does cryptocurrency have a future?’ to ‘What is the scale of the impact of cryptocurrencies on our future?’

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