List of Cryptocurrency-Friendly Countries You May Want to Visit

Travel is often an item that is not missing from our to-do list. Sometimes we need to travel to achieve work-life balance, and sometimes we need to make compulsory travels. There are not many details that can be said for the compulsory travels, but we can be more selective when it comes to the trips we have specially planned. In our private travels, we prefer places that have features that we are interested in or that attract our attention. In order to call it a great trip, we must have reached the ideal conditions we are looking for. 

Let’s look at the travel issue from the point
of view of crypto coins
. Interestingly, crypto enthusiasts largely range in the 18 – 35 age group, perhaps as far back as 40. This age group also makes up the largest pie of the traveling community. No matter where you are, if you have access to the internet, you can trade cryptocurrencies. If the country you prefer for travel accepts crypto coins, there may be opportunities to shop  with crypto coins, in which case you can both travel and trade with peace of mind with crypto money investment. You can  carry all your crypto assets with you without any quota and you can also trade as you wish. One thing to consider is that the currency of the country we want to travel to may be different and you must make a trade to obtain the currency valid in that country. But when it comes to cryptocurrency, no matter where you go in the world, cryptocurrencies are always the same. They do not vary from country to country.

The validity of crypto money in transactions also eliminates the need for intermediary institutions. It is possible to travel in a very advantageous way and use it as a legal currency. Cryptocurrency friendly countries you may want to visit;


  • Malta is a Southern European island country that accepts
  • Bermuda is a small Caribbean island with new government regulations and a positive attitude towards cryptocurrency.
  • Switzerland accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for electricity bills, and the Swiss state railway company accepts Bitcoin for nationwide ticket payments.
  • Gibraltar is a small country located in the south of Spain and accepts cryptocurrencies legally.
  • Singapore is a Southeast Asian island nation open to cryptos, in fact, MAS wants to bring Bitcoin under singular regulation along with other monetary services.
  • Estonia is a Northern European country that is considering launching its own cryptocurrency.
  • Georgia is an Eastern European country that accepts crypto coins.
  • Belarus is used by CIOs, exchanges, mining, smart contracts, etc. It is an Eastern European country where crypto-related business activities, including are now considered legal in the country.
  • Japan was one of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies and the first to legalize Bitcoin.
  • Germany approved Bitcoin as an acceptable means of payment in March 2018, according to the regulation of the National Tourism Board.

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