mantra ve dusk icrypexte listelendi

Mantra (OM) and Dusk (DUSK) Transactions Started!

Dear ICRYPEX users,

Trading with Mantra (OM) and Dusk (DUSK), among the most popular and most followed cryptocurrencies, started on ICRYPEX at the OM/ICPX and DUSK/ICPX parities. You can get brief information about Mantra (OM) and Dusk (DUSK) below and start your transactions immediately.

What is Mantra (OM)?

Mantra is a decentralized finance platform. However, it is a blockchain capable of making it possible to represent property rights in real-world assets in a digital token. It enables Web3 applications to be built permissionlessly on a high-performance, scalable blockchain architecture and provides the toolset for building regulated, compliant and permissioned applications.

What is Dusk (DUSK)?

Dusk is a decentralized finance protocol. It is a blockchain protocol that meets business compliance criteria, preserves privacy, and can power smart contracts. It creates new opportunities for communities and organizations that want to adopt blockchain and use it to address the inefficiencies of traditional finance.

Start ‘buy and sell OM‘ and ‘buy and sell DUSK‘ transactions immediately.