The Number of Bitcoin ATMs Worldwide Has Exceeded 10000

The Number of
ATMs Worldwide Has Exceeded 10000

In order to withdraw our fiat money from our accounts or for some transfer transactions, our way mostly falls to ATMs. As with fiat money, Bitcoin also has ATMs. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of Bitcoin ATMs currently operating worldwide.

According to research data released by a Norwegian financial services company, as of September 2020, the total number of Bitcoin ATMs has reached 9,680. In the control made since the announced research data, it is seen that the total number exceeds 10,000.

As a result of data published by the Bitcoin ATMs monitoring platform, there are currently 10,016 ATMs in 71 countries that allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin and
in exchange for cash. Bitcoin ATMs are known as BTMs. It provides investors  with quick access to Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency.

Depending on the characteristics of the installed machine, cryptocurrency holders can buy or withdraw through BTM: 

  • Bitcoin Cash ( BCH )
  • Ether ( ETH )
  • Dash ( DASH )
  • Litecoin (
  • Zcash ( ZEC )
  • Monero ( XMR )
  • Dogecoin ( DOGE )
  • Tether  ( USDT ) 
  • Ripple  (


The leading countries with the most BTM are developed countries such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. In addition to these countries, BTMs have started to increase visibly in other countries.

According to data received by the Bitcoin ATMs monitoring platform, the number of BTMs in December 2017 was 1,932 in total, and at the end of the intervening year, it increased by 107% to 4,009. The number of BTMs, which reached 5795 in 2019, continued to increase in 2020 without slowing down and the total number of Bitcoin ATMs exceeded 10,000.

Peak in the Number of BTMs in America

When the number of BTMs in use around the world is analyzed on a country-by-country basis, the United States emerges as the leader. 78% of all Bitcoin ATMs currently in use are located in the United States. According to the study data obtained, while the number of BTMs installed in various parts of the country for users in  September 2019 was 3,332, this figure  increased by 127% to 7,567 in September 2020. 

The total number of Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) by country outside the United States is listed below. 

  • Canada: 869
  • England: 278
  • Austria 150
  • Spain 106
  • Switzerland: 81