The Safest Way to Buy Bitcoin: ICRYPEX

Icrypex is a website that allows trading of cryptocurrencies, a digital currency created with encryption protocols that ensure that transactions take place securely and make it difficult to counterfeit. Through this website, you can trade many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, AVAX and many more. If you want to earn money by trading crypto coins, you can create a free membership by entering Icrypex’s website.

Icrypex Crypto Exchange Review

Icrypex Crypto Exchange is a company founded by professional financial experts who have devoted their entire career to financial products such as money and foreign exchange markets, futures, digital coins, etc. The company, which offers a real digital trading experience to users with low commission fees, gives satisfaction and confidence to its customers with its advanced vision. Icrypex crypto money exchange, whose goal is to be the best institution in this sector and prepares its work in this field with great devotion, provides added value to this sector and continues to achieve success in this direction.


Many people are hesitant whether to invest their money on a website or not and are worried about the security of their account. However, Icrypex offers you peace of mind in terms of security. It offers Two-Factor Authentication to provide extra security in your account. At the same time, experts monitor all operations for 24 hours to monitor critical situations.

The Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoin: ICRYPEX

1.Ad: Create Your Icrypex Membership

In order to receive Bitcoin through Icrypex, you must first create a new membership on website. You will make your crypto money investments with Icrypex securely using the account that will be opened in your name with this membership. After logging in to and clicking on the “Create new membership” button, you can create your membership after filling in your information on the page that appears.

My 2.Ad: Member Login and Account Confirmation

After logging in to your membership with your e-mail address and your own password, you must provide identity confirmation for your account. To do this, you must register the front and back of your ID and your photo with the petition in the relevant fields from the profile page. Once your account is approved, your membership is completed and you can start investing.

3.Ad m: Deposit Process

Once you’ve created your membership, you can start investing. For people who will invest in Bitcoin for the first time, the first investment process can be carried out by transferring money through the bank account. After creating a deposit request to the account you have selected through Ziraat Bank, Vakıfbank, Akbank or Odeabank accounts with which Icrypex has an agreement, you must transfer the amount you want to invest from your own bank account to the IBAN number of Icrypex Bilişim A.Ş. that appears during the request process.

4.Ad m: Bitcoin Buying Process

You are now ready to buy Bitcoin! From this moment on, all you need to do is enter orders for the buy transaction. Depending on your wishes, you can buy at the instant market price or you can enter an order to buy at a price you specify. Click the “Limit” section to trade at the price you specify; You can use the “Market” section to trade at the instant price. For example, you wanted to buy 100 TL immediately from the instant price. Then you can trade with market orders. After typing 100 in the “QUANTITY TRY” section, you will complete the Bitcoin purchase by clicking on the “BUY” button. We wish you pleasant investments!