Things to Know About ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX)

ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) is ICRYPEX’s own cryptocurrency, developed as a utility. In addition to offering many advantages to its users, it also offers its investors the chance to become partners in the future. ICRPEX, which continues its way in a global perspective in the cryptocurrency world where the growth momentum accelerates, opens the door to many innovations in this latest initiative with ICRYPEX TOKEN.

ICPX has become the cornerstone of the ICRYPEX platform, enabling users to trade more effectively in the cryptocurrency world. Using ICPX, users can access various services and features within the platform. This offers a wide range of benefits, from discounts on transaction fees to special functions they provide access to.

Bu makalede ICRYPEX TOKEN’in önemli noktalarını öğrenecek ve potansiyelinin farkına varacaksınız.

ICRYPEX TOKEN İle İlgili Önemli Noktalar Nelerdir?

The development of ICRYPEX TOKEN as a utility token brings with it many things to talk about. ICRYPEX TOKEN focuses on providing real benefits to its users, and it has a tremendous mechanism in place to do so. This process brings together the following key points.

  • The pre-sale price is set at 0.80 cents per piece, a 20% discount. It will exit the board at $1.
  • The total supply of ICRYPEX TOKEN has been determined as 500.000.000.
  • The pre-sale will be realized with 25 million ICRYPEX TOKENS. Unsold tokens in the pre-sale will be transferred to the staking reward pool.
  • A total of 45 million ICRYPEX TOKENS will enter the board. This process will take place over a period of at least 72 months, with a maximum of 625 thousand units per month.
  • 50 million ICRYPEX TOKENS will be distributed via airdrop to be used in marketing activities if listed on different exchanges.
  • 5 million ICRYPEX TOKENS are reserved for ICRYPEX’s research and development processes.
  • The 125 million ICRYPEX TOKENS allocated for the Company’s reserve will be utilized for relevant investments in ICRYPEX’s globalization journey.
  • Tokens from the pre-sale will remain locked and will be released at one-month intervals at a rate between 10% and 15% over a total period of 8 months.
  • It was developed on the Avalanche network because high performance, real technology, scalability and flexibility were sought.
  • ICRYPEX TOKEN can integrate with decentralized wallets such as MetaMask and Trust Wallet on DeFi. While ICRYPEX TOKEN is stored in these two wallets, staking transactions can continue at the same time.
  • All transactions can be tracked transparently through C-Chain.
  • ICRYPEX TOKEN holders will be able to benefit from commission discounts on transactions on ICRYPEX.
  • ICRYPEX TOKEN will be used to avoid commissions on cryptocurrency withdrawals.
  • In addition to the existing cryptocurrencies that can be staked, staking can also be done with ICRYPEX TOKEN. In addition, ICRYPEX TOKEN holders will be able to earn more return on all staking transactions with high APR rates.
  • It will be used for participation in pre-sales (ICOs) of new external projects that will take place on ICRYPEX.
  • With liquidity farming, which only ICRYPEX TOKEN holders can benefit from, users will have the chance to earn returns for different assets. With liquidity farming starting immediately after the ICRYPEX TOKEN pre-sale, those who provide liquidity for specific pairs, such as BTC/ICPX or USDt/ICPX, will be able to generate returns in the base currency of BTC and USDt.
  • ICRYPEX TOKEN holders will be able to use the dual investment product, which allows them to earn returns on two assets by depositing one cryptocurrency.
  • They will be able to take advantage of margin trading (also known as leveraged trading), which allows them to trade with much more than their available balance for higher potential profits.
  • Trades on ICRYPEX’s NFT marketplace will be realized with ICRYPEX TOKEN.
  • Certain specialized tokens, such as Tether Gold, will only be sold with the ICRYPEX TOKEN.
  • Those who want to buy shares from ICRYPEX will be able to do so with ICRYPEX TOKEN in the future.

We have summarized the key points of ICRYPEX TOKEN above, but it is also important to review the whitepaper to understand the full scope of ICRYPEX TOKEN. The whitepaper contains the technical details, objectives and roadmap of the project. It therefore offers further insights into the future potential of ICRYPEX TOKEN. Whitepaper is a useful resource to gain in-depth knowledge about ICRYPEX TOKEN and understand its future plans.

We are also offering a special advantage for those who participate in the ICRYPEX TOKEN pre-sale until November 18th. Until this date, users have the opportunity to purchase ICRYPEX TOKEN at a 20% discount. This is an excellent way to invest in ICRYPEX TOKEN and an attractive offer for anyone who does not want to miss the chance to become a partner in the financial transformation of the future.

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