Turkey’s First Stablecoin BiLira is at Icrypex!

BiLira, the first
Turkish stablecoin collateralized to the Turkish Lira, has started to be listed on Icrypex with the TRYB/TRY pair. 

BiLira, which wants everyone to have equal rights in the financial world of the future and was developed to connect with decentralized financial products, was opened for trading on the Turkish crypto money exchange Icrypex on March 19, 2020. Investors will be able to buy 1 BiLira for 1 Turkish Lira over
and convert 1 BiLira into cash as 1 Turkish Lira. 

As the first stable cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum network and with infrastructure compatible with all ERC-20 standard digital wallets, BiLira allows investors to step into the world of crypto money without the risk of losing value. The cryptocurrency, abbreviated as TRYB, is listed on Icrypex with the TRYB/TRY trading pair. All investors who complete the KYC/AML process can buy BiLira on icrypex.com.

What is BiLira?

BiLira is used to buy and sell values that are considered digital money or assets in the digital environment. It is the first stable cryptocurrency backed by the Turkish Lira on Turkey’s Etherum network. This means that you can always buy 1 BiLira (TRYB) for 1 Turkish Lira (TRY) and still convert 1 BiLira into 1 Turkish Lira for cash.
With its technology developed for the use of stable cryptocurrencies for accessible, fast, convenient and transparent financial interactions, BiLira supports collateralized fiat currencies through asset-backed stablecoins and provides high transaction volume using the security of blockchain technology.

How to Buy BiLira from Icrypex?

After registering / logging in on icrypex.com, create your BiLira wallet from the “Assets” field in the “My Account” menu.

Then you can quickly buy BiLira by coming to the “Easy Buy – Sell” screen!


Click here to start trading with BiLira!

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