What Does Bull Season Mean in the Cryptocurrency World?

In cryptocurrency markets, bull season, also known as bull run, is when investor transactions are predominantly buying. At times like these, cryptocurrency markets experience significant growth and investors are more likely to make money.

What is Cryptocurrency Bull Season?

All about the season of the bull

Periods of long-term upswings in cryptocurrency markets are known as bull seasons. During this period, also known as a bull run, rises in cryptocurrency markets can be aggressive. In such periods, investors often buy, demand outstrips supply, confidence in the market rises and the price of cryptocurrencies increases.

A bull season occurs when investors believe that prices that have started to rise will rise further over time. Such confidence on the investor side triggers a cycle. This cycle brings more investment to the market.

For a bull market in cryptocurrencies, several conditions need to be met. That’s why bull markets happen in specific time frames. In cryptocurrency bull markets, investors tend to be eager to buy, hopeful about the market, and willing to share bullish developments with others.

How to Recognize a Bull Season in the Cryptocurrency Market?

While price growth is the main indicator that the bull season in the cryptocurrency market has arrived, other criteria should also be monitored. The following criteria can serve as a guide to understand whether the bull season has arrived or not.

Price Increase:

In the bull season, prices of cryptocurrencies are on an uptrend. The price and market capitalization of most cryptocurrencies on the market rises.

Heightened Interest:

During the bull season, investor interest in the cryptocurrency market increases. New investors come to the market and existing investors increase their investments. The increase in volume and number of trades was driven by investors showing more interest in the market.

Mobility in the Media:

Taurus season attracts a lot of media attention. Rising prices and increased interest in cryptocurrency markets cause media activity. Much more content is produced during this period. In particular, there is a marked increase in social media posts.

New Projects & ICOs:

During the bull season, more projects can be included in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, new ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) can be seen. Since everything produced in such a season will be more visible, this is a good way to attract investors.

Technical Indicators:

Technical indicators used in cryptocurrency markets can provide guidance on whether the bull season has begun. To give examples of these technical indicators; indicators such as rising trend line, golden cross, rising trading volume, MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), RSI (Relative Strength Index) can be mentioned.

How Crypto Bull Season Begins

How the bull season begins

We have underlined that some conditions need to mature in the cryptocurrency markets for the bull market to start. The convergence of multiple developments in the cryptocurrency sector could kick off the bull season. To understand how the bull season starts, it is useful to look at the following factors.

Demand Growth:

The bull season in cryptocurrency markets often starts with a surge in demand. With increased investor interest, new investors and increased confidence in cryptocurrencies, we can say “Hello!” to the bull season.

Corporate Acceptance:

Interest and acceptance of cryptocurrencies by parties seen as large in the institutional space could help kick off the bull season. For example, if a large company considers cryptocurrencies as an asset or engages in any activity in the cryptocurrency space, it could have a positive impact on the market.

Regulations and Compliance:

Regulations and legal compliance in cryptocurrencies may contribute to the bull market as it will increase investor confidence. In the face of these developments, it is important to remember that institutional investors may also be involved in the market.

Major Technological Advances:

In cryptocurrency markets, technological developments, innovations and all kinds of progress in the field of technology can support the start of the bull season. In addition, if cryptocurrency projects find a place in the real world, this could increase interest in the cryptocurrency market.

Macroeconomic Factors:

Global economic conditions, monetary policies and financial uncertainties can affect the cryptocurrency market. For example, low interest rates, concerns about inflation or volatility in exchange rates may increase demand for cryptocurrencies and contribute to the start of the bull season.

These are some of the factors that support the formation of a bull market. But the volatility and complexity of cryptocurrency markets means that there are many factors that influence price movements. Therefore, it is important for traders to be able to read the market and implement risk management strategies.

Where does the Bull Season get its name?

The bull market derives its name from the initial attack of the creature known as the bull, which attempts to throw its target upwards. This is why a sudden, upward surge in the cryptocurrency market is known as a bull season.

What Years Have Crypto Bull Seasons Occurred?

2013 Taurus Season:

The first big bull season in the cryptocurrency world happened in 2013. During this period, the Bitcoin price recorded a huge increase and reached its historical peak. In 2013, Bitcoin started at around $13 and topped $1,000.

2017 – 2018 Taurus Season:

The year 2017 was an important bull season for cryptocurrency markets. Following Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies reached record highs. By the end of 2017, the price of Bitcoin hit $19,000, an all-time high. However, a major correction in the markets in 2018 resulted in a significant pullback in prices.

2020-2021 Bull Season:

2020 marked the beginning of a new bull season for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Especially in 2021, Bitcoin climbed to a record high of $60,000. With this rise, many cryptocurrencies also saw strong rises. In the second half of 2021, Bitcoin fell to $32,000 in a correction. Bitcoin, which then started to rise again, declined again towards the end of 2021 after reaching $ 64,000 and completed the year at $ 46,000.

How Long Will the Bull Season in Cryptocurrency Markets Last?

The balance of supply and demand is not the only factor influencing the continuation of the bull market. The psychology of investors and the progress in the recognition, reliability and integration of Bitcoin and altcoins affect the direction of the main trend.

How to recognize the end of the Taurus season?

Even during the bull season in cryptocurrency markets, it is always possible to experience volatility, declines and corrections in prices. A downward move in prices could lead to the perception that the bull season is over. Therefore, it may be healthier to analyze price movements over a longer time frame. Being able to read the clues that the price trend could be bullish again brings a broader perspective to the market.

Factors such as a steady decline in prices, decreasing investor interest, negative news, negative results of technical analysis indicators are strong signs that the bull season is over.

How Bull Season Turns into Bear Season

What has happened in the cryptocurrency markets so far has shown that investor confidence starts to wane at some point, and the bull season will eventually come to an end. This is caused by adverse market developments and unforeseen circumstances. In the face of sharp declines in prices, investors may start selling, thinking that the declines will continue. The acceleration of selling could be the trigger for a bearish season.

To summarize, the clearest indicator of a bull market in cryptocurrencies is the long-term upward movement of prices. During this period, there are significant increases in the number of transactions carried out and price increases, new projects and ICOsjoin the market, interest and confidence increase. Investors who want to maximize their gains look forward to the bull season and greet it with excitement.

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