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What is Crypto Copy Trade and How to Do It?

Creating an investment strategy in the financial markets is not an easy task for everyone. Creating such a strategy requires both time and experience. To make this process easier for the investor, this is where the concept of copy trade can support investors. Crypto copy trading is a trading strategy. This strategy means following and copying the same trading actions taken by an experienced and successful cryptocurrency trader.

In this article, we will be looking for answers to questions such as “What is copy trading, what are its advantages, is it reliable?”.

What Does Copy Trade Mean?

what does copy trading mean

The term copy trade can be translated into Turkish as copying a trade . It is a trading strategy in a nutshell. It means following the trading actions taken by experienced and successful traders and copying the same actions. This term is used in cryptocurrency and other financial markets. This article is prepared specifically for crypto copy trade and discusses the details of this process.

Copy trading is usually carried out through a platform and traders automatically follow the trading strategy that their chosen traders will follow. This strategy can be particularly attractive for new investors or people with no experience in financial markets. Offering the chance to directly mirror the successes of an experienced trader, this strategy can help traders realize potential profits. It can also be efficient in terms of saving time for investors.

Experienced people who develop a trading strategy and share it with other traders are referred to as traders, strategy providers and investors . We would like to point out that the people we refer to as investors in this article refer to those who perform copy trade transactions and those who are considering to perform them.

How to Copy Trade in Crypto?

Those who want to perform copy trading in crypto can benefit from platforms that offer this service. In many platforms serving in this context, it would be domestic to invest the amount desired to invest in the plan offered by the trader to be preferred. The rest of the process will run automatically.

What are the Advantages of Copy Trading?

advantages of copy trade

The copy trading strategy actually provides a two-way advantage , benefiting both the traders who open the trade and the traders who copy the trade.

  • Profit Generation

One of the biggest motivations for traders to participate in copy trading is to make a profit , i.e. to make money. Thanks to copy trading, traders can get the chance to make money effortlessly. This is only possible if their preferred traders are successful in the trades they execute.

  • Time Saving

In fact, investing means investing time. Because analyzing, managing the portfolio, and following current developments require a significant amount of time. Thanks to copy trade, users who want to invest have their time to themselves. Because the whole process is automatic . All that is needed is to start the copy trade process.

  • Education Opportunity

For investors with limited or no experience in the crypto markets, following the traders’ paths is a chance for an indirect education. Traders can gain experience by observing traders’ trading strategies and understanding instant market movements.

  • Stripping Away Emotions

It is not easy to control emotions in investment processes. Whereas copy trading can reduce emotional decision-making because it automates the trading process. Investors can minimize the effects of emotional stress and erroneous decisions .

  • Risk Sharing

When participating in copy trading, several different traders may be preferred rather than a single trader. In this way, the risk is distributed and if things start to go wrong, there is at least a chance to reduce the loss ratio.

  • Awareness

This advantage applies to traders who share the copy trade strategy. Traders who help users to trade successfully by offering the copy trading strategy will become well known and recognized. In addition, these traders can receive commissions from the platform where the trade copying method is used.

Of course, one should still be careful when using copy trading. It is important to remember that past successes do not guarantee future results and there is always uncertainty in financial markets. In addition, as the cryptocurrency market is particularly volatile, investors should follow a careful risk management strategy.

Is Copy Trade Reliable?

is copy trade reliable

The answer to this question actually lies in the functioning of the preferred copy trading platform. For this, it is necessary to look at some titles on the platform to be preferred. These headings are as follows.

  • What is the impression of the platform?

Criteria such as the history of the platform to be traded, the licenses it has, the security measures it has taken, its technological infrastructure, the comments made by its customers, its approach to customer support, and its accessibility should be investigated and evaluated.

  • Is there regulator compatibility?

Check that the platform is compliant with the financial regulators in the geographical area where it is located. Complying with regulations contributes to a more reliable platform.

  • Is transparency offered?

A copy trading platform that can be called secure; all details that need to be known such as transaction details, risks that may arise, trader’s past performance should be shared with investors.

  • What is the Trader’s Background?

It is not enough to evaluate a trader on a copy trading platform based on what is currently being offered. You also need to look at his or her track record and performance. Even if a trader has done well up to this point, it is important to keep in mind that future performance may vary.

By evaluating these factors, you can learn more about the reliability of a copy trading platform. It is also important to understand the services offered by the platform and its commitments by carefully reviewing the user agreement and terms of use.

Who Should Use Copy Trade?

Who should use copy trade

Opting for copy trading in cryptocurrency trading can be beneficial for traders who lack a certain level of specialized knowledge, struggle to understand the complexity of the market and are unable to dedicate time to trading. Here are some suggestions for who might be interested in using copy trading to buy and sell cryptocurrencies:

  • Beginners

New traders who are new to the world of cryptocurrency and do not fully understand the complexities of the market or technical analysis can automatically follow the strategies of experienced traders with copy trading.

  • Those with Limited Time

People who want to get involved in cryptocurrency trading but don’t have the time to do so can use copy trading to automatically copy the portfolio strategies of professional traders. This way, traders have more time to monitor the market and improve their trading strategies.

  • Non-experienced

People with no experience in cryptocurrency trading can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of experienced traders with copy trading. This can be a way to gain familiarity with the market and reduce potential risks.

  • Risk Avoiders

The cryptocurrency market can be more volatile than other financial markets. Therefore, investors who want to avoid high risk can reduce their risk by copying the more balanced and risk-control focused portfolio strategies of experienced traders.

  • Those who want to diversify

Copy trading offers the possibility to invest in different assets and strategies. This can help investors diversify their portfolios and reduce dependence on the performance of a single asset.

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