Where to Track Cryptocurrency?

There are many investors who are new to the crypto money market and are far from the sector or who are involved in the sector and do not have time to make analysis who cannot follow the current developments and news. So how should these investors make their investments and where should they follow the crypto coins? 

In the crypto money exchange, which is a volatile exchange open to speculation, the ports that people will trust are very important. In today’s blog, we have compiled information about where and how you can follow the instant developments in cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple.

1. Follow-up of Current News

In order to perform in crypto coins, you must first follow the current developments every day from accurate and reliable sources. 

As ICRYPEX, you can access the news that is published daily and weekly completely free of charge and that allows investors to follow the market closely and take a position from the research screen, and you can learn about crypto coins by reading our daily blog posts. In addition, by following the daily and weekly crypto money analyzes published by our expert research team in the field, you can make your investments safely by making them in line with technical analysis and news, away from speculation.

2) Follow-up of Reflections on Social Media

As ICRYPEX crypto money exchange, you can make your investments safely by following us on various social media. Crypto zoom, which is published daily by our Research Manager Bestenaz Süllü on Youtube: You can be informed about the news of the day and the events expected to happen in the markets during the day with daily Crypto Money analysis, you can be included in the weekly pleasant and informative Crypto money chat of Selçuk Geç and our CEO Gökalp İç, you can watch the programs broadcast on Ekotürk TV and including our treasury team. You can be informed about current events through our Twitter account first. 

3) Accessible Source

ICRYPEX is an exchange that provides 24/7 customer support to cryptocurrency exchange investors. Between 09:00-18:00 on weekdays, you can meet with your designated crypto money investment expert at any time, listen to their analysis about the market and make your investments by talking to experts in the field. You can contact us whenever you have a problem with our team that provides 24/7 customer support.

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