Why Does the Price of Chainlink (LINK) Go Up? The Future of Chainlink!

Given that Chainlink is currently in demand for Ethereum infrastructure development, many people are wondering what the future of Chainlink will look like. The decentralized oracle project Chainlink was one of the biggest winners of the 2020 crypto economy, especially in terms of network adoption, partnerships, and price action. All the positive feedback of Chainlink has made investors question the future of Chainlink in the coming years. In our article, we have shared with you the common reasons why the price of Chainlink has risen and what awaits Chainlink in the future.

Reasons Behind the Rise in the Price of Chainlink

  We can attribute the increase in prices and market value to both the rise in sub-coins and the positive developments about DeFi transactions and platforms. DeFi is a digital asset and financial smart contract that is usually built on Ethereum; It is an abbreviation of the phrase decentralized finance, which refers to protocols and decentralized applications. DeFi differs in that it extends the use of blockchain from simple value transfer to more complex financial use cases. At this point, Chainlink provides important market data to DeFi protocols. Credit platforms and exchanges get their price data from Oracle like Chainlink and so on. Therefore, the increase in the number of users in the DeFi market has a positive effect on Chainlink. At the same time, Chainlink, one of the most popular altcoins, continued its upward trend by being positively affected by the increases in the futures market. With the value of Chainlink reaching its highest level in the past days, the open position in futures has also reached the ceiling. Accordingly, we see that LINK’s open positions in futures have reached their highest level so far when confirmed by the information of the data providers. Even when Bitcoin is stable in the markets, LINK’s increase or ability to maintain its existing position can be explained as its independence compared to many other altcoins and Bitcoin. The fact that the LINK-BTC correlation is lower than the Etherium-BTC correlation explains the ability of LINK to protect itself during the declines in BTC. With LINK doing ATH (all time high), we can see an increase in interest in LINK and a corresponding increase in active addresses on the network. The fact that Chainlink has attracted so much attention and adoption all over the world has also positively affected the increase in prices. The recent preference of Chainlink oracles by many companies indicates its increasingly widespread structure and its wide framework of effective uses.

What Does the Future Hold for Chainlink?

Chainlink is currently the 5th highest in the cryptocurrency market. has a market capitalization. The entire cryptocurrency community agrees that this is a well-deserved place, with Chainlink being described as a legitimate project with a strong and dedicated community. Also, providing public blockchains and oracle services for businesses is a multibillion-dollar industry (perhaps trillions in the future). Chainlink has managed to have the first-mover advantage, it is currently the most popular and reliable project operating in this particular space.

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