Why is Satoshi Nakamoto hiding?

the emergence of the Mortgage Crisis in 2008, Bitcoin entered our lives with  the article published under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto and gradually expanded its sphere of influence. Although the essence of the article was based on bitcoin, the system he signed up for
was the blockchain technology
that would enable digital transformation worldwide. The author of the article that started this digital revolution was never physically recognized.

Nakamoto, who created the first block (Genesis) and
the first bitcoins
based on the article, first created 50 BTC. The identity of Nakamoto, who was never revealed, is not known even if he was a group or a single person. As the findings were combined, it was revealed that the preparation process of bitcoin dates back to the 1990s and that among the pioneers were David Chaum and Stefan Brands (developers of e cash protocols), Adam Back (developer of hashcash), Nick Szabo (founder of BitGold). Although it has been talked for a long time that Nakamoto may be one or more of these people, no definite results have been obtained.

One of the reasons Nakamoto didn’t show up may be that the outspoken criticism of central banks and the system in the article could have created accusations. On the other hand, the fact that the American responsibles approached those interested in crypto money within the scope of the crime increased the necessity of concealment in the following process. In addition to all this, there are those who think that their purpose is only to add an air of mystery. In this way, it has been argued that Nakamoto may not have wanted to come out after the idea that there was no need for authority in bitcoin, where he argued that transactions could be made without the need for a third party. Finally, there are groups that say that Nakamoto is actually the CIA and that he does not want this situation to be revealed because it could have a negative impact if it is understood. 

Nakamoto has not been heard from since he emailed Mike Hearn in April 2011, but the allegations against him have persisted. Apart from being a group, person or organization, Nakamoto has gifted the world with a multitude of knowledge, inventions, and digital transformation that comes with bitcoin.

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