Will Bitcoin Replace Cash?

The cashless society order, where the physical use of money is eliminated and digital payment options are preferred where cash should be used, is among the issues that have been investigated recently. In the developing and transforming world order, the use of cash has become a very small part of our daily lives. The use of digital currencies instead of cash in payments or in most food and beverage purchases is becoming increasingly common. On this path from citizen needs to state practices, progress is being made on cashlessness. 

This adventure, which started with smartphones, credit cards and debit cards, has developed with digital wallets and mobile payment options. The point of this whole process is crypto coins. Going beyond the traditional method, crypto coins

have started to fill the gap in the issue that stereotyped methods are weak to solve, led by bitcoin

 . To address the gap created by cashless living, some central banks are taking steps to conduct research and pilot projects on the use of digital money.

It was found that digital payment options are widely used in societies where bank use is high. In terms of digital options that provide practicality, transaction reliability and protection to the user, many countries are trying to catch up with the requirements of the age. According to research, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, France, Canada, South Korea and Belgium make most shopping payments digitally. In the aforementioned countries, spending – including on very small transactions –  is common even in local businesses other than banks. It is known that  approximately 89% to 92% of the population in these countries make cashless transactions. 

When we examine the methods of cashless shopping, it is observed that crypto coins have appeared on the field and have become preferable due to their blockchain features. Crypto coins, which are preferred because they are global, fast and reliable in times of crisis, where donations and purchases are made, continue to strengthen their place in cashless life. In this context, although bitcoin is in mind, it is seen that some altcoins that improve the payment infrastructure are often used. The most important factor here is that there is no third party in between. Especially in the crisis moments experienced throughout the country, individuals who want to protect their assets or move them to another country have started to think about crypto coins as an alternative after gold.

 It is another issue observed that the number of individuals who are inclined to digital payment is increasing. Apart from this, it can be thought that crypto coins, which are new players entering the field, will increase their effectiveness due to the feature they are connected to . 

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