As ICRYPEX Crypto Money Exchange, we have realized another first in the world, as a crypto money exchange, we have sponsored Bahçeşehir University FinTech Master’s Program in its new period. Participants can apply directly to the Master’s Program and benefit from the ICRYPEX Scholarship Opportunity if they meet the conditions.

A Fast Start to the World of Finance with ICRYPEX!

As ICRYPEX, we have previously demonstrated that we support financial literacy through the publications we sponsor. We sponsored Dr. Vedat Güven’s book “Blockchain Crypto Coins Bitcoin: Satoshi Changes the World” and Hakan Özerol’s “Economic Indicators from the World Techno Book”. As a crypto money exchange, we ensure that our investors make their transactions as conscious consumers, as well as creating a productive economy instead of a consumer economy system.

As ICRYPEX, we are re-creating the balances in the crypto money ecosystem with the volume, the projects we have realized and the unique blockchain experience we offer to our users. One of the projects we have initiated for this purpose: FinTech Master’s Program. This program, which is Financial Technologies in Turkish, aims to meet finance with technology and to manage finance by taking advantage of the latest technological developments. This program, which will enable financial technologies to become centralized in Turkey; We stand by Bahçeşehir University with full support.

We Open the Door of the Financial World for You with Our Scholarship Opportunities

New semester scholarship applications for the Fintech Master’s Program, which is prepared with the contributions of ICRYPEX, can be made at https://www.icrypex.com/tr/fintech/bau-yuksek-lisans-programi-basvuru . We provide 50% scholarship to four students, two Turkish and two foreigners, who meet the scholarship requirements. Although the language of the program is English, our trainings are given by the leading academic staff of the finance world. Our application dates are determined as 10-15 February for Turkish students and 10-22 February for students who will enter from the foreign quota.

What is Airdrop?

Airdrop, one of the rapidly growing and interesting applications of the cryptocurrency world, means distributing free crypto money to users.

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