Animal Kingdom in the Cryptocurrency World


Cryptocurrency whale is a term used to refer to individuals or organizations that hold large amounts of digital currencies. Bitcoin whales, like the marine mammals they share the same name with, cause fluctuations in prices with their trading movements. Many Bitcoin whales are anonymous investors, exchanges, and hedge funds that can only be identified by their public addresses. Among the well-known Bitcoin whales is the mysterious creator
Satoshi Nakomoto
, who is thought to have at least a million Bitcoins. The Winklevoss twins, Tyler and Cameron, were once estimated to own 1 percent of all Bitcoins in existence.

Bearish Market

When the bear crypto money market is mentioned; It refers to a market situation dominated by caution and pessimism, where investors are more inclined to sell than to buy. In a bear market, called a bearish market in English, there is an expectation that prices will be in a downward trend for a long time, and investors are more inclined to sell. However, the bear market should not be confused with the price corrections experienced after sudden price exits.

Bullish Market

A bull market is the opposite of a bear market. It is usually an upward trend in an optimistic atmosphere where there is investor confidence. It consists of three stages: addition, reception wave and saturation. In the first stage collection; Cryptocurrencies sold by loss-bearing, pessimistic investors are picked up at a cheap price by other investors who think the market will return. The market is not yet dominated by an upward trend and the demand is low. In the second stage buying wave, it is now clearly noticeable that the buying demand in the market is increasing, and the trading volumes increase as new investors make purchases. Prices rise with demand. The last stage is saturation, which is the stage when the market reaches saturation with the increase in volume and the demand for purchases now decreases. This coincides with the end of the bull market. With the end of the bull market, it is possible that a downtrend or a price correction will begin.

Black Swan

The term black swan has been used to describe impossible events since the ancient Greeks. Only the white swan was known to exist until Europeans discovered Australia and saw the black swan for the first time. This is why the term black swan is used for events that have a major impact, falling outside of previous expectations.

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