Elon Musk and Bitcoin

These days, Elon Musk’s Bitcoin tweet is not falling off the agenda. Elon Musk, the richest name in the world and constantly talked about Mars projects, added Bitcoin to his profile on Twitter this time and said, “In retrospect, it was inevitable.”  shared. Elon Musk has clearly shown his interest in crypto coins.


investors, who remember the years 2017-2018, have been in a nervous wait in recent weeks. At the end of 2017, when Bitcoin was walking to $ 20,000, investors who jumped on the train suffered significant losses with the decline in 2018.

Bitcoin, which also made a rapid rise at the end of 2020, reached an all-time high by exceeding $ 41,900 on January 8, 2021. However, with the profit sales that followed this summit and the strengthening of the dollar, it could not hold above the critical level of $ 40,000. It even saw below $28,800 for a while last week.

The move has raised fears among long-term Bitcoin investors that they may have entered a prolonged bear market again, as they did in 2018. Bitcoin, which climbed above $ 30,000 again yesterday, recorded its real rise after Elon Musk’s tweet.


Elon Musk Bitcoin Twitter

Bitcoin rose 18 percent to over $37,000 in 24 hours after Elon Musk’s post. One name was more effective than market dynamics in this rise: Elon Musk. SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has placed the phrase #bitcoin on the profile of his Twitter account with 43.8 million followers. Meanwhile, Bitcoin, which was around $ 32,194, climbed very quickly to $ 37,599. This support from Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world, has renewed the investor’s confidence in Bitcoin. In addition , Elon Musk’s shared #bitcoin was the first TT in Turkey.

As a result, investments are increasing day by day thanks to the value and support given to Bitcoin by individual and institutional investors. With the increase in support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin will continue to stand firm and make a name for itself every day.