Icrypex CEO Gökalp İÇER; Bitcoin Proves Its Coming-of-Age During Covid-19

Icrypex CEO Gökalp İÇER evaluated the global markets and crypto money agenda with Popular Science Writer Burak KARABEY in  the interview held on Icrypex social media accounts. 

Referring to the development of blockchain technology, İÇER stated that bitcoin solves a big problem as all records are equally located among all nodes at the same time. He mentioned that Bitcoin has opened up to a new universe with Blockchain and that states should also monitor
transactions.  He stated that bitcoin was one of the filters that proved its maturity in the Covid-19 process and added “China said, “The coronavirus can live for different hours on different materials and I will disinfect the physical coins”, then people thought “I will not use physical money, let me use something else” and the credit card came. Following this, the idea of crypto coins as the currencies of the future began to strengthen. This crisis has led people to see that they know and trust more and shift to instruments. We haven’t seen any very drastic, devaluation movements in bitcoin while people are doing this. In the second and third week when the pandemic was the hot topic, we saw bitcoin start to move along with gold.”

During the Pandemic, People Started to Prefer Bitcoin to Altcoins!

“When the news broke, people sold bitcoin along with gold, sold everything, and started turning to cash. People want to hold and possess what they know. When he compares the Turkish Lira with bitcoin, he knows the Turkish Lira. They started to prefer Bitcoin to other altcoins in this process. 

We are in 2020, bitcoin came out in 2008, it started to make serious movements in 2013-2014, in 2016-2017 we saw a solid valuation. We are talking about something that is not 100 years old, but 8-10 years, that has found a lot of public opinion, that has been accepted, that is used and that the sector and business line have been built on, as blockchain and bitcoin. People attack what they know and what they know more. People continued to trust bitcoin while seeing no light for the pandemic to pass. As I said, bitcoin and blockchain technology have successfully survived the coronavirus exam. For 2020, we were generally very positive, but now I am maintaining my positive attitude in the last quarter of 2019 more aggressively. If I’m expecting x unit increase, it’s now 1.3x, 1.4x.”

The crisis in 2008 was a little different. In the crisis of 2008, people were unemployed, but 3 months after they were unemployed, they had a job or job potential that they could have. Then we are in a completely different place now with the proportion of people applying for unemployment. Because if the SMEs die, there will be no job for the unemployed people to apply for…. At the moment, almost everyone who produces is sitting at home. People really did what they call that lockdown-shutdown. They did it because they couldn’t manage it correctly. I’m not just talking about Turkey, globally. Because global economies initially underestimated and postponed this, they later faced bigger problems. Therefore, in the current situation, there is not a slowdown, decrease or decline in the economy, but a complete shutdown. What can the individual do to it? In the real sector, if the state has not announced a financial package, there is nothing it can do, it should hope that it does not borrow in foreign currency. Whether the existing loans received or the obligation side of the customer can be deferred or re-evaluated.

Crypto coins

will continue to be preferred in Turkey. I love this and this attitude of our nation. We are a really smart nation. I say this very sincerely and from the heart. Because one of the definitions of intelligence is adaptation to the environment. We adapt very quickly to a new technology. We adapted to this very quickly. That’s why Turkey is in a completely different place in terms of unique users.”

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