Increase in Ethereum Blockchain Positions

While Blockchain
technology is consolidating its place in our lives day by day, it has also started to offer many employment areas. As a positive reflection of this, an increase in demand for blockchain-based positions has been observed in recent days. 

In a job advertisement just published, Microsoft has included the following words that bring blockchain skills to the forefront; “Are you interested
in cryptocurrencies
offer a unique opportunity for you to join a family of products working on Ethereum blockchain-based solutions.” As seen in this announcement, ethereum is the most preferred blockchain technology in terms of having many technology initiatives such as dapps and defi. Ethereum is also open source and has a technology that anyone can work on today,  so students who want to get into this field can learn a lot on Github.

It can be said that the fact that the search for blockchain-based positions is mostly in Europe is related to the increase in blockchain research and investments by governments in the region.  The adoption of blockchain technology, especially by reputable companies known for business optimization, marks a turning point in broader-based adoption.

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