Increase in Interest in Crypto Coins in Institutional Investor Mass

2020 has  undoubtedly been an unforgettable year around the world. The necessity of digitalization in the pandemic process, which has affected almost all countries economically, has brought
and other
crypto coins
to the forefront. Cryptocurrencies have started to become the target of institutional investors due to the advantages of transaction speed,  transaction cost and decentralization. Global markets have started to follow a negative course as a result of the pandemic and the quarantine measures implemented in many parts of the world. As governments seek to stimulate the economy with fiscal stimulus packages and increased fiat money printing, the Covid-19 pandemic has been an effective process for many investors to take decentralized digital assets more seriously.

On the latest episode of the Block Stars podcast, Breanne Madigan, Vice President of
Head of Global Institutional Markets, discussed what the future of institutional investment in digital assets will look like and what impact today’s macroeconomic situation will have. Madigan highlighted the differences between the traditional and digital asset market; “It is very similar to traditional finance and there is a lot of interest in yield-based products, namely cryptocurrencies. In the current period and in the  near future, it is expected that facilities such as lending with crypto coins will become widespread.”

Madigan also  touched on how it is developing for the crypto markets compared to traditional markets. When it comes to crypto coins, it has not been institutional investor weighted for a long time, but the noticeable increase of institutional investors in the market during these periods has attracted the attention of all investment circles.  Globally, it has been observed that institutional companies include crypto coins in their investments.

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