Tether (USDT) Trading on Icrypex Crypto Money Exchange Has Started!

Tether (USDT) transactions have started on Icrypex, a crypto money exchange based entirely in Turkey. With the listing of Tether, a “stablecoin” whose value is pegged to the US dollar, exchange users will be able to deposit and withdraw USDT to their wallets and trade USDT. Tether transactions to be made on Icrypex will be presented on the Ethereum network with an infrastructure that will be based on

With the new listing, the Icrypex Crypto Money Exchange will allow users to evaluate the USDT they have on different platforms on Icrypex. Tether, whose value is pegged to the US dollar, stands out for being the most popular stablecoin in the world, with an equivalent amount of USD held as a reserve for every Tether issued. Tether is presented as an investment vehicle whose value is indexed to the US dollar in the face of volatility in crypto coins.

The Icrypex Cryptocurrency Exchange will allow its users to trade USDT/TRY, USDT/BTC and USDT/ETH trading pairs after the
currency listing. With a market capitalization of USDT of $ 20 billion, Bitcoin, Ethereum and 
is the fourth largest cryptocurrency after Ripple. The Tether currency was issued to help reduce sudden ups and downs in cryptocurrencies and to be used as the base currency for various purchases and sales related to other cryptocurrencies. The value of Tether is always equal to $1 USD.

USDTs produced based on the Ethereum Blockchain will be able to be integrated with the entire Ethereum ecosystem and will have many different uses. With the ability to transfer the US dollar as a fiat currency with low costs, and being installed on the ERC20 base on the Ethereum network, USDT is used as a secure store of value away from volatility. Icrypex Crypto Money Exchange also offers ERC20-based Tether (USDT) to its users, which is a very important development for the Turkish crypto money ecosystem.

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