The Transition to Ethereum 2.0 Is Much More Important Than the Bitcoin Halving

Icrypex Quantitative Analyst Ozan KARA evaluated the possible effects of the
2.0 update, which the crypto money world is eagerly awaiting, on the crypto money world, especially altcoins. 

Investors Will Be Able to Earn Ethereum with Ethereum in Their Wallets

Expressing his views in a joint broadcast with Crypto Dictionary TV YouTube channel, KARA stated that the issue that most concerns investors is the transition from Proof Of Work

(PoW) to Proof Of Stake

(PoS) and added: “Apart from the transition of technology,  investors can now use ethereum in their wallets with ethereum will be able to win. There is a lower limit for this, it needs to be 32 ethereum. This is actually a problem for investors with investments of less than 32 ethereum. But there will definitely be opportunities for these investors… As you know, the transition is planned in July. We, as Icrypex, are preparing for this. Our work continues, we are making preparations to see if investors can benefit from this. This is actually an issue that can affect the price of ethereum. If cryptocurrency investors do not expect a value in the long or short term, they either hold their money in tether (usdt) or they hold it in bitcoin and fiat money. I think there will be a decrease in the supply of ethereum circulating in the market as they will earn income when they hold ethereum. This, obviously, can affect prices positively. However 2. The problem is that the supply of Ethereum is unlimited, which really suppresses the Ethereum price a lot.
Vitalik Buterin
has a statement here that they will minimize the supply, not to bring it to a certain limit, but this is not very clear. It can also give 5% interest, and that interest will create new supply, and there’s a lot of problems here, like the parabolic curve comes out.”

Ozan KARA stated that when Proof of Stake was switched in July, this development could create a very serious fluctuation in the price of ethereum. He stated that crypto coins such as xlm, eos, cardano, which are competitors to Ehereum and have better technology, may come to sharp declines and continued; “I think that coins such as the link built on the ERC20 infrastructure can increase in price with the development of ethereum 2.0. Proof Stake is not yet priced, which is a nice deal. But as soon as this happens, there can be serious upward jumps. When Ethereum starts to price above 225 and crosses 252, I think Proof of Stake starts to price.”

Ethereum analysis and commentary on the Icrypex YouTube channel.

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