What Will Be the 3 Major Cryptocurrencies in 2021?

While leaving behind an active year, eyes have been turned to 2021 in crypto coins and we have already started to wonder what kind of year is waiting for us. Before moving on to 2021, let’s look at what kind of a year 2020 was for crypto coins. 

If we look at https://www.icrypex.com/tr/blog/ikibinyirmibir-yilinda-uc-buyuk-kripto-para-birimi-ne-olacak in particular, we started the year around 7 thousand dollars. At the beginning of March, the markets began to retreat, and on March 12, the sharpest decline in history occurred. From that day on, Bitcoin and altcoins forced their upward movement to the ATH level without the trend distortion. From the beginning of the summer, the DEFI era began, then
went on a serious offensive and the staking process for ETH 2.0 was initiated. A new era has now opened for Ethereum, which has reached the desired stake amount within 3 weeks.

DEFI projects have shown us a better understanding of the cryptocurrency sector, that there is no need for bankers for banking. We have seen examples and experiences of a revolution in this period. The two biggest developments in 2020 are the Facebook-led Libra project and China’s blockchain breakthroughs. These developments will be useful in forecasting 2021.

In 2021, the number of central banks announcing CBDC projects is likely to increase. Because CBDCs can be effective weapons in strengthening the monetary stability of central banks. These expansions will increase the awareness of Bitcoin as they use blockchain technology. But with a centralized digital currency, Bitcoin will continue to be two different phenomena and Bitcoin will be questioned by the central authorities. Talk of regulations by the United States will increase the number of regulations to be brought to crypto coins in many countries. While regulation creates value when it is intended to protect the investor, regulations that will be issued to prevent crypto money before the logic is fully understood can have a negative effect. In 2021, we will witness two kinds of regulations. 2021 will continue to be talked about as CBDCs and regulations in terms of countries.

2021 could be the year of Ethereum. With the 2.0 update, Ethereum will take a year to complete the 3 phases, and each phase will create positive and negative price fluctuation. As of now, the amount staked to Ethereum 2.0 has exceeded 700,000 ETH. Ethreum, in which institutional investors invest, carries the burden of cryptocurrencies with the highest volume at the moment. With this update, a sub-coin rally may occur.

is one of the projects we will follow closely. With the increase in regulations, avalanche can write its own story in 2021 with the features that can be developed in accordance with the regulations. Big deals will move Avalanche up  , and it’s worth noting that it’s a project that’s pregnant with those. Expectations from Avalanche are high, but in 2021, some of the AVAX tokens in its hands will be sold, which may put pressure on prices.

In 12 years, very serious steps have been taken in crypto coins. We moved from Blockchain 1.0 to Blockchain 3.0. The questioned Bitcoin is included in the financial reports of companies today. 1 year is a very long period for prediction, so for crypto coins. But the topics seem to be the crypto money steps of the states and blockchain 3.0. Bitcoin, which made a move of $ 16,000 in 2020, expects another active year in 2021.

We know these things, if you tell us to make a price prediction, stating that we do not do investment consultancy, when we do simple modeling with Facebook’s Python library prophet, it seems that ATH will come at the beginning of the year. Of course, this model is actually a trend following model with seasonality. However, it shows us the point where Bitcoin will pass if it continues at the same trend speed. According to this model, we can see $ 35,000 in June.


What will happen to the 3 major cryptocurrencies in 2021?