Why is the Use of Crypto Money Increasing?

Due to the global pandemic, individuals’ need for cash has decreased considerably. In general, we observe that the production of coins or cash is also decreasing. Due to the increasing number of online payments and shopping transactions, the intense interest in cryptocurrencies is also increasing rapidly. Unlike the currencies where transaction fees and intermediary are essential, transaction fees are much lower, 3. Crypto coins that do not require individuals and that we can carry with us without quantity limitation come to the forefront. Therefore, problems such as looking for a cash machine or bank are now disappearing. When we look at the majority, we can say that the amount of cash we carry in our pockets is gradually decreasing due to its security and disadvantages .

For example, platforms such as Alipay and WeChat, which are widely used in China, allow businesses and individuals to easily exchange money through mobile devices.

Trust Factor in Crypto Coins  

Since the printing and control of money is within the governments, it is more advantageous in terms of trust foundation, but digitalization and privacy are also qualities sought by many people. Crypto money provides advantages in many ways, but since institutions and organizations are needed, crypto coins with many advantages have also come to the forefront. It is decentralized and the confidentiality of transactions has built trust for investors. In countries where the level of development and education is increasing, it is observed that the trend towards crypto money is also increasing. Around the world, cryptocurrency has been legally accepted by countries and many companies have directed their investments in this way. The rapid popularity of crypto coins has also increased its use. Therefore, the spread of crypto coins has brought the element of trust.


The reduced need for cash has also seen the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies replacing physical banknotes and coins . Currently, credit and debit card payments have come to the forefront. Cash is currently the third most popular means of payment, and over time, crypto coins are likely to come out on top. Support levels for cryptocurrencies are seen to be higher in young and emerging economies, which is paving the way for their wider adoption.