$261 Million Inflow to Wealth Funds – Arbitrum Staking Offer Approved – BLUR Price Rises 33% Following OpenSea News

261 Million Dollar Inflow to Wealth Funds

Bitcoin has seen a total inflow of $261 million this week. Since the beginning of the year until today, an inflow of approximately 842 million dollars has been achieved. The biggest reason for these inflows is, of course, the rapid developments in ETF news. It was then the largest inflow on Ethereum since August 2022. This week, Ethereum received $17.5 million in inflows. In Solana, we see that the entries continue. Approximately 10.8 million dollars was received this week.

Arbitrum Staking Offer Approved

The Arbitrum DAO has approved the proposal that will enable ARB token holders to stake their assets in exchange for a return paid in tokens. This amount will be funded by the Arbitrum treasury and distributed over 12 months through a smart contract.

BLUR Price Rises 33% Following OpenSea News

The price of the BLUR token increased by 80% from $0.15 to $0.27 in a period of about three weeks. 33% of this rise came after OpenSea announced on Friday that it was laying off half of its employees.

Ava Labs Announces Layoff of 12% of Staff to ‘Reallocate Resources’

Ava Labs, the main developer of the Avalanche blockchain, announced today that it is reducing its workforce by 12%. Emin Gün Sirer, founder and CEO of Ava Labs, said in a post on X that the staff cuts allow the firm to “reallocate resources to double the growth of our company and the Avalanche ecosystem.”

South Korea’s SK Telecom Partners with Aptos and Atomrigs Lab to Develop Crypto Wallet

SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest mobile operator, is partnering with Aptos and Atomrigs Lab to develop a web3 wallet service known as T wallet. SK Telecom stated that the collaboration with Aptos will be the first non-Ethereum virtual machine blockchain integration.

Bank of England and FCA Request Feedback on Stablecoin Regulatory Proposals

The Bank of England and the UK Financial Conduct Authority have requested feedback on their proposed approach to regulating stablecoins. According to a statement from the BoE on Monday, the proposals cover all future payment systems in the UK that use stablecoins on a systemic scale.

Oasys Partners with Singularity to Enable Cross-Chain Payments in its Ecosystem

Oasys announced a strategic partnership with Singularity, a cross-chain payment solution, to offer users a seamless payment experience across its ecosystem. The partnership with Singularity will enhance the infrastructure of the Oasys ecosystem by improving cross-chain asset transfers, enabling more games to be created.

NFT Sales Volume Increased to $129 Million in November

According to blockchain analytics platform Nansen, NFTs recorded a steady increase in terms of weekly Ether sales volume. In a post shared on X (formerly Twitter), Nansen highlighted that NFT sales for the week ending October 9th stood at 29,704 ETH, worth approximately $56 million at current ETH market prices. The volume reached 68,342 ETH, worth over $129 million.

Cardano Blockchain Plans to Use Polkadot’s Substrate Framework

Cardano, the Layer 1 blockchain created by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, plans to use the underlying framework of Polkadot, a rival Layer 1 chain. Cardano plans to use Polkadot’s Substrate framework for the development of its “partner chain” initiative Input Output Global.



Bitcoin is priced at $ 34,879 with a 0.48% loss in value as of today morning hours. Bitcoin, which continued its rising channel movement after exceeding 30,000, returned to the lower band of the rising channel movement by retreating from the 36,000 level after reaching its peak level last week. In Bitcoin, which is currently priced at 34,780, support levels of 34,600, 34,000, 33,400 can be used respectively. The rise in bond yields in Bitcoin, which has recently increased in macro data-dependent pricing, was one of the main reasons for the retreat in the price.


ETH, which lost 0.35% as of morning hours, is priced at $ 1894. In Ethereum, the movement in the range of 1860-1910 continues after the 1860 breakout. We see that Ethereum, which has made a return from the 1914 level in the last 3 attempts, has also had difficulty staying above the 1900 level afterwards. Ethereum may continue its movement in the range of 1860-1910 for a while and then realize a breakout depending on the news flows. In the downward movement, 1860, 1825 and 1800 levels can be targeted, and in case of an upward movement, 1915, 1940 and then 2000 dollar regions can be targeted.


As of morning hours, XRP is priced at $ 0.6934 with a 2.97% loss in value. When we examine the daily chart, there was a good rise after the break of the 0.5582 resistance zone. When we examine the resistance zones, the 0.7160 region appears. This region seems to be important for the continuation of upward movements. In case of a downward correction, we can see that 0.65 and then 0.62 dollars will work as support.


AVAX is priced at $ 12.87 with a 1.61% loss in value as of morning hours. After climbing up to $ 12.50, it retested to $ 11.40. Above $12 is very positive for AVAX and its next target should be to break the $13 level. When we examine the support levels, we come across the level of 12.35 and below 12 dollars.


SOL is priced at $ 41.17 with a 2.4% loss in value as of morning hours. Rising up to $ 48, SOL retreated a little after facing selling pressure at this level. SOL, which has been moving between 42 and 40 dollars for about 3 days, continues its horizontal movement in this region. When we examine the support and resistance levels, we come across the $ 37 level. If it falls below this level, a retreat to $ 34.35 may be possible. At resistance levels, $43 and then 46.70 may work as resistance levels for SOL.


As of morning hours, LINK is pricing at 13.096 with a 0.90% gain in value. It seems important for LINK, which rose above $ 13 yesterday with the upward break of the $ 12,500 resistance level, to remain above this level. In case of persistence, 13.50 resistance level can be followed. When we examine the support points, it seems that the $ 12 and lower $ 11,500 levels are important.

AAVE is pricing at 103.248 with a gain of 3.05% as of morning hours. When we analyze the weekly chart, we see that the $94 resistance was broken upwards. It is important to maintain above this level for the continuation of the upward movement. In case of persistence above this zone, the 108 level appears as resistance. When we examine the support levels, the $ 94 level, which previously worked as a resistance zone, draws our attention.


COMP is priced at $ 53.63 with a 3.71% gain in value as of morning hours. When we examine the daily chart, we see that a cup handle-like pattern has formed. Momentarily, we see that the 50.80 zone, which is the resistance level of the pattern, is broken upwards. This movement can be considered positive for the upward trend. If the movement continues, the $ 56 level can be followed as a resistance zone. In retreats, the 50.80 and 50 dollar level can be followed as a support zone.

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